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5 ways to guarantee you have fun at the beach


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Whether it is a solo trip, a date or a group hangout, here’s how to have fun at the beach.

Here's how to have a good beach time [blackgirlbeachday]

When you are thinking about how to have fun and relax, how often do you consider the beach? I’ve heard countless people say things like, ‘There’s nothing to do at the beach’ but how wrong could they be?

Most times, when we see people at the beach, they are typically just walking around or taking pictures by the water when are countless things to do on the beach.

Let go of your inhibitions and stand in the water and watch the waves. When I was a child, my mother told me whenever I went to the beach, ‘never play with the water because it can carry you away’. Little by little, I stepped into the water and realized it wasn’t so scary.

Enjoy nature at the beach [Freepik]

Looking at nature is one of the ways going to the beach is good for your mental health. Taking a break from the urban areas to look at natural elements like the sunset and the waves can be calming on your nerves, alleviate depression and offer you some needed insights.

You can also do some nature photography. The beach is the place to take some of the best pictures of the sun setting.

Going with speakers is so important if you are hanging out with friends – music makes the hangout turn into a mini party.

One way to have a fun beach experience is to turn it into a mini shopping experience. Depending on the beach, you can get anklets, waist beads, artwork, statures, shorts, gowns, and many other beach relics at giveaway prices.

Card games, charades, football or volleyball, these games and more are a sure way to make sure you have a good time at the beach.

You can surf or ride a dirt bike too, let go and have fun.

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