EletiofeBefore you accept a job offer watch out...

Before you accept a job offer watch out for these 7 red flags


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Some work places are toxic [Pexels]

When desperately looking for a job, enthusiasm can be blinding.

It is not easy to see some obvious red flags until we get the job and realize it was a mistake.

Be suspicious if you do not have an employment letter that contains everything from sick days to salary raise and why and how your employment can be terminated.

The issue with not having an employment letter is that it leaves you to the whim and caprices of your employer.

Do not rush into a building when people are running out.

A high employee turnover rate could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances.

It could mean that the company is a stepping-stone company, which means getting your foot in the door will make you more attractive in the job market or it could be that the company is bad news in almost every aspect of employee care and you need to leave.

The salary scale should be clear to everyone and be public knowledge, if it isn’t, that is a clear signal that there is no equity in the salary structure.

You cannot work every day in a year, you need a break and paid time off. It is the best for your mental health and productivity.

A company with no health insurance or any other benefits like a car, education or housing allowance will most likely slave you to death.

Before you even go for a job interview, check what other job seekers have to say on nairaland. Any company with no review on nairaland is a red flag.

Before you accept the job, ask how the bosses and the employees behave. Is it friendly environment or is it a dog eat dog place? No matter how much you would be paid, your health matters and you do not want to work in a toxic place.

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