Eletiofe Burn Off That Turkey With These Black Friday Fitness...

Burn Off That Turkey With These Black Friday Fitness Deals


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Yeah, the weather is turning sour, and gyms in many places are closing down again, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your spandex and water bottle till spring. Take up running outdoors ( wear a mask). Enjoy the solitude of nature when the campsites, trails, and climbing crowds thin out. Or just start burning calories in your living room. We’ve waded through tons of Black Friday deals for the best fitness and outdoor gear that will help you stay in shape this cold winter.

Note: We strike through items that sell out or are no longer at their deal price as of publishing. Discounts sometimes return, so check for yourself. We’ll update this guide throughout the weekend.

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Updated November 28: We’ve updated pricing, added retailers, struck sold-out deals, and add the Lululemon Speed Up tights and TRX Strong System suspension training package.

WIRED’s Black Friday Coverage

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Running Gear Deals

Photograph: Cotopaxi

Even if you do have a treadmill at home, it’s good to head outside (with a mask) and get some sunshine and fresh air. Yes, it’s cold. But remember the old adage: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Check out our Outdoor Gift Guide and roundup of the Best Outdoor Furniture and Gear for more picks.

Cotopaxi Teca Full-Zip Windbreaker for $60 ($20 off)


WIRED senior writer Adrienne So uses this windbreaker in lieu of a soft-shell rain jacket when she wants something that’s easy to stash away in a pocket. It weighs next to nothing and packs down to the size of a chest pocket, so it’s a great just-in-case windbreaker for weather that looks untrustworthy when you leave home.

Beats PowerBeats Pro for $160 ($90 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video ($200)

WIRED reviews editor Jeffrey Van Camp sang high praise for these Beats earbuds in his review (8/10, WIRED Recommends), saying they’re some of the best workout earbuds he’s tested. The over-ear design is much more secure when jogging than completely in-ear buds like the AirPods. They last nine hours, are splash-resistant, and they form a seal in your ear canal for good noise isolation. They sound great too! The wireless Beats Powerbeats (with a cord connecting both earbuds) are also on sale for $100 ($50 off) if you want to droop them over your neck when you take a break from listening.

Lululemon Speed Up Tight 28-Inch for $69 ($39 off)


When you dip outside for a jog in the winter, the temptation is to throw on some thermal leggings lined in warm, fleecy goodness. But do that, and you’re going to overheat before you complete the first mile. Stick with a pair of regular tights or leggings. Better to start out cool than spend your whole run sweating, and then freeze because you’re soaked. But go with full-length leggings instead of cropped leggings so your calves and ankles don’t get chilly, and avoid the lightweight, meshy fabrics made specifically for summer running.

Bombas Socks

20 percent off at Bombas with code CHEER20

Some of our favorite socks for running come from Bombas. The company also makes excellent compression socks for post-workout recovery sessions. The coupon code CHEER20 is good for 20 percent of everything Bombas sells—all the socks, plus T-shirts and other apparel.

Petzl Actik Headlamp for $37 ($13 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw

I’ve had my Actik for years, and it’s been the only headlamp I’ve needed. Granted, I use mine when hiking, camping, and climbing, not jogging, but if I can run and jump with a full load of gear on my back and not budge the Actik even an inch off my head, it’ll stay put on a jog without shifting or falling off.

Christmas Collection TreadBands for $12 ($6+ off)


Sweat rolls down your face, and you wipe your eyes for the millionth time on your morning jog. That’s why you need a sweatband. Get in the spirit with a Christmas-themed TreadBand. WIRED’s Parker Hall called it the best sweatband he’s ever worn.

Fitness Tracker Deals

Photograph: Suunto

A fitness tracker can tell you a lot about your body these days. The best of them help you plan and keep track of your workouts, whether you’re trail running in the woods or circuit training in your apartment’s basement gym. Read our Best Fitness Trackers guide for more.

Suunto 7 Smartwatch for $349 ($150 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw

This watch can track workouts and help plan your hiking routes. It runs Google’s Wear OS platform, which supports iOS but is particularly suited for those with Android phones. Senior writer Adrienne So says Wear OS makes the Suunto 7 easier to use than any Suunto fitness tracker that came before.

Fitbit Charge 4 for $100 ($50 off)

Target, Walmart, Amazon, Fitbit

Some fitness trackers flood your brain with more information than you know what to do with. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, keep it simple and save your money. Fitbit does simple, straightforward fitness trackers best. The Charge 4 adds GPS, which is typically only found on more expensive models. It also has solid sleep-tracking software, though the best features are reserved for those who pay an $80-per-year subscription for Fitbit Premium. At Amazon, the Charge 4 is backordered until late January.

Fitbit Versa 3 for $200 ($30 off)

Target, Walmart, Amazon, Fitbit

The Versa 3 has a 40-mm case with an AMOLED display, and it pairs as nicely with an iPhone as it does with Android devices. It’s better suited if you want to see more notifications from your phone, plus it supports Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Edition for $350 ($400 off)


The Fenix 5 Plus offers color topographic maps, route tracking, an altimeter, and GPS functionality. It’ll also analyze your heart rate to tell you what level of activity your body is ready for. Plus, you can also listen to Spotify through it and use Garmin Pay when you stop for a pre-workout coffee. The display is protected by sapphire crystal, which is tougher to scratch than glass.

Deals on Strength Training Equipment

Photograph: Jaxjox

If you prefer resistance exercises, but bodyweight squats and lunges aren’t cutting it, then you’re facing the prospect of owning space-hogging equipment in your home. Good home exercise equipment shrinks its footprint so you don’t feel like you’re living in a gym.

Fitness Gear 20-Pound Weighted Vest for $60 ($20 off)

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Earlier this year I wrote about how a weighted vest was my secret weapon in the gym. I’d strap one on and hit the stair machine to train for climbing or use it during squats and lunges to work my core muscles. It adds an incredible boost in versatility to your workouts, and it comes especially handy when you’re working out at home without a full rack of dumbbells at your disposal.

JaxJox KettlebellConnect 2.0 for $199 ($30 off)

Best Buy

This is a six-in-one kettlebell system that lets you adjust from 12 to 42 pounds, and it includes performance tracking via the JaxJox companion app. With it, you can analyze your workouts and chart your progress over time. It maps statistics such as heart rate, peak and average power, and workout consistency.

TRX Strong System Suspension Trainer for $112 ($38 off)

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy

Weights aren’t the only way to work strength training into your exercise routine. Attach the straps to a closed door in your home strong enough to support your body weight. Then work through the eight included exercises to build and tone muscle and strengthen your core. Unlike a complete set of dumbbells or an exercise machine that take up a lot of floor or closet space, the TRX suspension trainer packs away small when you need to store them.

JaxJox DumbbellConnect for $399 ($50 off)

Best Buy

These come as a pair, and each dumbbell can be adjusted anywhere from 8 to 50 pounds (in 8-pound increments) with the push of a button. Like the Kettlebell Connect, it’ll track and chart your workouts if you use the app, handing out helpful tips to up your exercise regimen. JaxJox’s Push UpConnect is also on sale for $89 ($10 off), and it’s helpful if you want to make sure you get your positioning right.

Camping and Outdoor Cooking Deals

Photograph: Solo Stove

Want true solitude? Hit the campsites in the cool shoulder seasons or dead of winter. The stillness of a winter forest or desert is something to behold. For more recommendations, read our Best Camping Gear guide.

Marmot Ultra Elite 20 for $148 ($75 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw ($159)

This is my favorite synthetic sleeping bag, and I recommend synthetic insulation over goose down for temperatures hovering around freezing point. If it warms up a bit and snow thaws, synthetics will dry out more quickly than goose down so that your next night won’t begin with you climbing into a damp bag.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Brief for $14 ($6 off)

Men’s: Backcountry, Moosejaw

Women’s: Backcountry, Moosejaw

Sweaty underwear is a surefire way to drag down your hike from enjoyable escape to soul-sucking drudgery. Damp cloth chafes, which can rub your skin raw, and when it’s cold outside the sweat will chill out. Swap out your everyday cotton undies for a pair of quick-drying, sweat-wicking synthetics.

Solo Stove Bonfire for $230 ($110 off)

Solo Stove

Solo Stoves are more efficient wood-burners than traditional campfires, emitting less smoke and leaving less ash behind. We reviewed a similar version recently if you want to learn more, but the Bonfire is much more portable. Just toss it in the truck and take it wherever you plan on pitching camp for the night.

An even smaller and lighter version, the Solo Stove Lite, is available for $70 ($20 off). It’s great for cooking dinner or just boiling water. The company is running a BOGO offer on the Lite, so if you buy one you can gift another to your hiking buddy for free. Stoves like the larger Titan and larger-still Campfire are also on sale and have the same BOGO free offer.

Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle for $550 ($225 off)

Solo Stove

If you’re less concerned with moving quickly to cover ground and just want to go car camping, the charcoal-fed Ultimate Grill is big enough to cook for everyone. The Ultimate Bundle comes with two stands of different heights, a grill cover, grilling tools, starter nuggets (for starting the fire), charcoal briquettes, and a carry case.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket for $139 ($60 off)

Women’s: BackcountryMen’s: Backcountry, Dick’s Sporting Goods

You’ll rarely hike in a puffy jacket—they’re just too warm. These are best for when you’re stopped to eat a meal or stepping out of your tent at night to tighten the guylines. The Nano Puff is a lightweight, compact synthetic-insulation jacket that’s plenty warm enough for subfreezing temps.

Climbing Gear Deals

Photograph: Backcountry

If you can’t wait to climb, then don’t wait. I learned in 40-degree rain on granite slab, and I swear it taught me balance and poise better than if I had learned on toasty, dry rocks in the summer.

Black Diamond Solution Harness for $56 ($19 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw

This is enough harness for any sport climbing route, outdoors or indoors at a climbing gym. It’s what I use, because it’s well padded and easy to adjust, so you won’t mind spending a full day at the climbing gym in your harness. There’s a women’s version, too.

Petzl Grigri Belay Device for $82 ($28 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw

No matter what kind of top-rope climbing you do, you need a belay device. Some people like assisted braking devices, of which the Grigri is the most famous, because they instantly lock if your climbing buddy up on the wall takes a fall. Compared to a regular belay device, there’s some peace of mind for some folks knowing their climbing partner isn’t totally reliant on their quick reactions and muscle power. Just remember to keep your hands on the rope as normal (for backup) and to not hold the release lever if they’re falling.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 35 Pack for $120 ($40 off)

Moosejaw, Mountain Hardwear, Backcountry

Climbing harness, climbing shoes, lunch, snacks, windbreaker, helmet, carabiners, belay device, chalk and chalk bag, and maybe the rope if you’re the unlucky mule. You’ve got to carry a lot of stuff from the trailhead if you’re climbing outdoors, and the Scrambler can fit it all. If you climb trad and need extra room for all your cams and nuts, Mountain Hardwear also makes a rad 45-liter Crag Wagon pack.

Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Helmet for $126 ($54 off)


This helmet uses Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology, which protects the brain from rotational forces by allowing the inner layer that contacts your noggin to slide around within the helmet shell itself. I’ve used the cheaper non-MIPS version of the Wall Rider since 2018, and it’s been a great multi-use helmet, because of its construction. The solid top protected me from falling ice chunks when I was ice climbing, and the ventilated foam on the back and sides kept me cool while rock climbing in sweltering summers.

Mad Rock Mad Pad Crash Pad for $134 ($45 off)

Backcountry, Moosejaw ($152)

If you prefer bouldering, where you climb without a rope or harness on low walls, you’re gonna need a crash pad to land on. Falling is inevitable. The Mad Pad has 3 inches of open-cell foam wrapped on both sides by an inch of closed-cell foam, adding up to a full 5 inches of protection. When you land after a blown move, you want a lot of cushion.

Black Friday Retailer Pages

Here are some of the other major sales going on right now. Check out our Black Friday tips for more advice.

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