LifestyleDating a poor man? Nollywood actress Nneka Adams sees...

Dating a poor man? Nollywood actress Nneka Adams sees nothing wrong with it


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As a thriving celebrity, it is expected that people like Adams go out with the finest men with a lot to offer.

The actress, however, says that she is okay with a poor man who has realistic dreams and great potential.

A man’s wealth does not interest me but how he treats and puts value on me, is of utmost importance to me,” The actress said.

I can help the man achieve his dreams and aspirations in life,” she also said.

While a lot of women have helped built up men, there are corresponding stories of how some of these men also dump the women who helped them

Adams says she will leave the man to answer to God if that happens to her.

“I don’t believe all men dump women who helped them in times of their sufferings, but if I build a man up and he decides to leave me, then he has God to account to. It’s as easy as that. God has a purpose for why things happen in life, so I won’t really let it get to me” She said.

Adams is a Nigerian actor, writer and producer. The Canada-based actor is best known for her roles in the movies Black Men Rock, Last Flight to Abuja and Nation Under Siege.

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