EletiofeDenmark 0-0 England: Uefa Nations League – live!

Denmark 0-0 England: Uefa Nations League – live!


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There were no other goalless games in the Nations League tonight. In Luxembourg, venue for the only other match to vaguely challenge England’s for lack of drama, the home side went down to 10 men in the 84th minute and Montenegro scored a 93rd-minute penalty winner.

Jack Grealish speaks at a more sensible pace:

I was actually a bit emotional. It’s something every child in England dreams of, playing for England’s senior team. I was so privileged coming on. It was a shame we couldn’t get the win in the end. I want to thank Gareth for giving me the opportunity, hopefully it’s the first of many. It’s a brilliant day for myself and one of the best of my career so far. My first involvement, I thought … I’m a bit gutted to be honest because when I went on that little run I should have pulled the trigger, or picked someone else. It was my first game and I was happy with how I did for my debut. I didn’t want to look too selfish, and tried to cross it where I could have pulled the trigger.

He’s asked about Foden/Greenwoodgate:

Phil and Mason are obviously young kids who will learn as they get older. I’ve been there myself. But I’ve tried not to focus on that, I’ve focused on myself and tried to impress the manager.

Conor Coady speaks! He speaks very quickly indeed, way to fast to transcribe it as it happens. In short, he’s pleased to have played for England, pleased with the clean sheet, sad England didn’t win.

Key conclusions: England need a left-footed centre-back, particularly if they’re going with a back three; the whole leave-the-front-three-to-win-it thing is a hopeless failure, particularly if they’re then played so far apart that the chances of them ever successfully combining are basically nonexistent; a creative central midfielder is helpful.

“The one good thing about playing matches behind closed doors is that players don’t have to deal with the deflating sight of fans leaving early,” notes Peter Oh.

The Danish FA describes their side’s effort as “94 minutes of bone-chilling work by every man”. It veered dangerously close to soul-destroying rather than bone-chilling at times, sadly.

Fodboldlandsholdene 🇩🇰

Det slutter 0-0 mod England efter 94 minutters benhårdt arbejde af alle mand 👊🇩🇰#ForDanmark pic.twitter.com/DKNzNUrves

September 8, 2020

Final score: Denmark 0-0 England

90+5 mins: The game is over. The second half was much better than the first, without ever quite being actually good.

England manager Gareth Southgate with Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand after the match.

England manager Gareth Southgate with Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand after the match. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters


90+3 mins: Kane should score! And it’s cleared off the line! It’s a wild thump forward but Schmeichel comes for it and gets nowhere near, Kane nips in front and takes it past him, and he only needs to lift it into the empty net. Instead he tries to pass it in, and Jorgensen clears off the line!

Kane misses a chance to score.

Kane misses a chance to score. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters


90+2 mins: At the other end Denmark win a free-kick on the left, cross it in, and Kjaer again wins the header, under pretty much no competition this time, but pounds it over the bar.

90+1 mins: Kjaer, who came on for Braithwaite a few minutes back, heads the corner behind for another corner. There will be four minutes of stoppage time.

90 mins: Having said that, Maitland-Niles makes a nuisance of himself and the ball drops to Kane, whose shot from unlikely-but-no-better-idea territory deflects wide.

88 mins: Denmark have been looking the most likely to make a breakthrough in the last few minutes. Not exactly very likely, but more likely than the other lot.

86 mins: Trent Alexander-Arnold is off, Ainsley Maitland-Niles is on, England’s fourth debutant of the evening.


4 – This is the first time the England men’s team has named four debutants in a non-friendly match (Coady, Grealish, Maitland-Niles, Phillips) since October 1962 in a European Championship qualifier against Poland (Ray Charnley, Chris Crowe, Mike Hellawell, Alan Hinton). Update. https://t.co/XuDyPEfl0d

September 8, 2020

86 mins: In tonight’s other League A Group 2 game, Belgium lead Iceland 5-1 in Brussels.

84 mins: While we still wait for goal No1, Cristiano Ronaldo grabs No101:

Emanuel Roşu

Ronaldo just scored an absolutely superb goal for Portugal. What an animal! Cristiano’s second in Sweden tonight. pic.twitter.com/sOFFFcJa46

September 8, 2020

81 mins: What a chance for Denmark! Wass’s cross deflects to Poulsen beyond the far post, who nods down to Eriksen, who volleys over from 12 yards with his left foot!

Eriksen shoots.

Eriksen shoots. Photograph: Michael Regan/Getty Images


80 mins: Grealish dances into the area from the left, but is dispossessed a pace or two before he reaches the Sensible Shooting Zone.

80 mins: Denmark’s rising sense of discomfort is shown in the way that Delaney presses Mount, which is in the literal rather than the tactical sense.

76 mins: Jack Grealish is on the pitch, and Phillips goes off. Denmark bring Rasmus Falk on for Dolberg.

74 mins: Given the quality of attacking players England have at the moment, this is bizarre. It must be somebody’s fault, and therefore by process of elimination Southgate Out!

Mr. Numbers

Excluding penalties, England have failed to score in the last 400 minutes of Nations League football:

1-3* vs Netherlands (penalty by Rashford)

0-0* vs Switzerland

1-0 vs Iceland (penalty by Sterling)

0-0 vs Denmark

* including extra time

September 8, 2020

72 mins: With Mount and Sterling buzzing around, there are now forward passing options for England between the deep-lying Rice and Phillips and Kane. It’s been quite the transformation. Denmark bring Pierre Emile Hojbjerg on for Norgaard.

70 mins: A shot on actual target*! Sterling takes it from 20 yards or so. It might have been going wide of the near post but Schmeichel couldn’t be sure, so turned it round the post.


69 mins: Chance! And an actual England effort on goal! Things are starting to open up for England with their new-look front two, and a cross from the left finds Kane at the back stick, who heads over.

68 mins: Sterling has a chance to play in Kane, but overhits his pass slightly and both he and Kane end up on their knees, bashing the turf in frustration.

Kane reacts after a missed chance.

Kane reacts after a missed chance. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters


67 mins: Phillips plays a nice pass down the left, which Kane runs on to. Sadly the only person who might have been in the box for him to cross to was Kane, but he wasn’t in the box because he was outside it, and also he couldn’t cross to himself.

66 mins: Another shot, for what it’s worth. Eriksen has it, from a free-kick around 30 yards out, and it floats a good 10 yards over the bar.

64 mins: Of today’s nine Nations League matches only this and Luxembourg-Montenegro are goalless. There have been 14 shots there, six of them on target, to only six here, two on target.

61 mins: England have a shot! Kane has it, from the right-hand corner of the area, and it hits Sterling, who is offside. Still, a shot!

Kane shoots.

Kane shoots. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters


60 mins: The night’s first substitution sees England add a creative central midfielder in the shape of Mason Mount. Sancho goes off, ending a frustrating night for him in which he contributed very little.

60 mins: Chance (kind of)! Sterling chips the ball over the defence to Kane, who controls and blasts a shot at Schmeichel. He’s offside, so still no shot for England.

58 mins: Delaney’s shot from 22 yards or so rolls harmlessly into the hands of Pickford. Still, it’s a shot on target. England haven’t had a shot of any sort yet.

55 mins: A moment of excitement as Sterling’s pass sets Kane on a race with Jorgensen, with a free run into the penalty area at stake. Jorgensen wins.

Danny Baker

Denmark v England.

Behind Closed Bores.#DENENG

September 8, 2020

52 mins: Braithwaite s late into a tackle on Kane, and gets the night’s first booking.

Kane, tackled by Braithwaite.

Kane, tackled by Braithwaite. Photograph: Eddie Keogh for The FA/REX/Shutterstock


49 min: Phillips is the latest to his a nice long pass to Alexander-Arnold on the right. The full-back appears to have mislaid his crossing boots, sadly.

46 mins: The second half has started. D:Ream wrote a song about this moment.

Elswhere, Cristiano Ronaldo has smacked in international goal No100:

Sky Sports Football

1⃣0⃣0⃣ UP! 🔥

He’s been stuck on 99 since November, but finally Cristiano Ronaldo reaches a century of international goals – and in typically brilliant style! 🎖

Watch #SWEPOR live on Sky Sports Football via the red button now! 🔴 pic.twitter.com/rz2BGp8Lfj

September 8, 2020

And Dejan Lovren has done this (France nevertheless lead 2-1 at the break):

amar singh

It’s only Dejan Lovren channeling Zinedine Zidane with this world class goal against France. pic.twitter.com/LiDjQYgD8m

September 8, 2020

“Back when James Maddison was being discussed as a possible England player, Southgate was interviewed and said, ‘He’s a number 10. We don’t play with a number 10,’” recalls Rai Skrupskis. “Perhaps we should.”

What’s for sure is that this tactical plan needs to be ripped up, and then burned, and then the ashes consumed, excreted and flushed. That should do it. The question is whether Southgate can do that before the end of half-time.

“As a Leeds fan, this is torture,” wails Michael Jenkins. “Over the last two years Kalvin Phillips has shown himself to be excellent at being the link between midfield and defence as the sole holding midfielder; at pressing; at dropping back to form a three when the full-backs bomb-on; at choosing the perfect moment to make all-in challenges when the opposition are on the counter. So Southgate’s decided to give him his debut playing next to another defensive midfielder, with no midfield in front of him to pass to, with no space behind him to drop into, with little pressing, and no need to make all-in decisive challenges. What’s the antonym for ‘tactical masterclass’?”

Half-time: Denmark 0-0 England

45 mins: The referee plays not a single second of stoppage time, which tells you something about the game. Jorgensen, Schmeichel and Eriksen all have a grumble at the Romanian whistle-botherer on their way off, presumably about those free-kicks from free-kicks.

44 mins: Denmark have visibly grown in confidence over the last quarter-hour, as they realise that they’re not actually going to need to do a lot of defending. Braithwaite sends another shot skimming wide.

43 mins: Another Denmark free-kick and this one’s weirder still, as the ball is curled to the edge of the six-yard box while all the red shirts stay at the edge of the 18-yard box, leaving four England players to compete for the honour of clearing.

41 mins: Denmark have won two free-kicks in the England half in the last couple of minutes, and on both occasions they have fouled England players as the ball comes in and the whistle has gone with it still airborne.

40 mins: The absence of fans is all that’s standing between England and a barrage of half-timely boos in about five minutes.

38 mins: Chance! Eriksen’s slow-motion wide turn makes Dier look like a prize marrow, and he then passes to Dolberg, who could easily have scored but instead gives Pickford some saving practice.

Dolberg reacts after a missed chance.

Dolberg reacts after a missed chance. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters


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