EletiofeFortuna Düsseldorf 0-1 Borussia Dortmund: Bundesliga – as it...

Fortuna Düsseldorf 0-1 Borussia Dortmund: Bundesliga – as it happened


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That is all from me on this delightful return to MBMing.

What you should do now is read the story of the one-armed striker.

Then when your eyes have had enough, listen to the latest Football Weekly.

Dortmund win the game in the last minute but I am still being subjected to Peter Walton talking about a meaningless incident now. Oooooh tell me more about upper shoulders, Peter.

Rosler will look back at one of his defenders losing Haaland for a split second and be absolutely furious. Werder Bremen’s win puts a lot of pressure on Fortuna now at the bottom and that lost point could be the difference before survival and relegation.

Here is the goal …

Football on BT Sport

Cometh the hour, cometh the man…

Erling Haaland heads home a 95th-minute winner for Borussia Dortmund 🙌

Off the bench as he came back from injury, he had one chance and he buried it 🔥 pic.twitter.com/U3LIQotSQs

June 13, 2020

Dortmund were very flat for the majority of that game but it’s always useful to have someone like Haaland to come on.

Full-time: Fortuna 0-1 Dortmund

Rosler looks absolutely furious. His team worked so hard for 95 minutes but one lapse in concentration allowed Haaland to win, and we all know the striker only needs a sniff.

Fortuna had their own chances to win the game but failed to take two good chances, instead hitting the post.

GOAL! Fortuna 0-1 Dortmund (Haaland, 90+5)

Ruddy hell! Akanji swings in a cross from the left, which Haaland flicks into the corner to give Dortmund a very late victory.

Dortmund’s Norwegian forward Erling Braut Haaland scores.

Dortmund’s Norwegian forward Erling Braut Haaland scores. Photograph: Leon Kuegeler/AFP/Getty Images


90+3 mins: Brandt lifts a cross into the box but Fortuna hold firm and clear the ball at the second time of asking.

90 mins: A long ball over the top is latched onto by Skrzybski, who gets away from two defenders, before whacking a bouncing ball against the post and wide. That could have been crucial in Fortuna’s fight for survival.

Five minutes added on.

89 mins: Reyna has looked lively and direct since coming on but Fortuna are not offering him much space to run into.

Thank God someone has done their research.


@Will_Unwin Fortuna wears the jerseys because they are celebrating their 125th anniversary.

June 13, 2020

87 mins: Stober swings in a corner but Burki comes out to give it a strong punch away from the danger area.

85 mins: Hakimi kicks the ball away, purely out of frustration and receives a yellow for his petulance.

83 mins: All the subs are coming thick and fast, which gives the match a very pre-season vibe. Fortuna need fresh legs while Dortmund need fresh ideas.

81 mins: Reyna goes beyond Giesselmann, who then drags the American down in a frightfully unfriendly way to earn himself a booking.

Hennings is finally on for Fortuna.

Fortuna almost take the lead as sub Skrzybski fires a low shot from 20 yards out which rattles the base of Burki’s post.

Peter Lee

Will, any idea why Dusseldorf are wearing natty retro shirts?

June 13, 2020

No …

79 mins: Dortmund are struggling here. Any vague title challenge is slowly ebbing away.

77 mins: Ebesley says: “On the atmosphere/crowd note I think it’s great how realistic it is, you hardly notice. Shame they can’t artificially inject a bit of excitement into the game in the same way.”

I remember Man City pumping fake fan chants into the stands through the Tannoy. That was awful. This is perfectly acceptable.

75 mins: Reyna is on for Hazard to boost the (tenuous) Manchester City links in this game.

Akanji shoots, I think, from 70 yards out and it goes nowhere near the goal.

73 mins: No co-commentator on this game, so the joys of Peter Walton’s dulcet tones are a nice change. A say a nice change, I mean really annoying and boring as he points out the goal was rightly ruled out.

71 mins: Hoffmann goes down in the box after landing awkwardly and the non-existent fans seem to think it might be a penalty. Fortuna have had three set-pieces in quick succession as they look to build some momentum.

69 mins: Akanji catches Zimmermann and goes into the book for a high foot, which is fair enough.

Toombes says: “Unpopular opinion, but I think the team that wont be put off by the lack of fans in the Premier League next week will be Arsenal because they are used to playing with little to no atmosphere anyway.”

NO GOAL! Fortuna 0-0 Dortmund

Oh … VAR has ruled it out. The ball brushed Guerreiro’s shoulder on the way to his left foot. Three months without football has made me forget the existence of VAR. Fortunate for Fortuna.

Referee, Sascha Stegemann check with VAR and does not allow the goal.

Referee, Sascha Stegemann check with VAR and does not allow the goal. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images


GOAL! Fortuna 0-1 Dortmund (Guerreiro, 65)

A lot going on just outside the edge of the Dortmund area as Thommy is pushed over but the loose ball is fired at Burki by Sobottka.

Dortmund break, resulting in Guerreiro firing a stunning volley from around 12 yards out.


63 mins: Hakimi almost bulldozes his way through the entire Fortuna defence but is stopped at the vital moment just before he can shoot or find a final ball.

61 mins: Haaland is stripped off and raring to go after missing two matches through injury. Can he make the difference today?

Hummels seems to complain that Rosler did something or other. The referee has a word and that’s that.

59 mins: Hazard goes into the book for doing not very much in the opposition box. He seems to lash out very slightly but it certainly does not merit a yellow.

57 mins: Sancho sums up Dortmund’s blunt nature in the final third by riding a challenge, getting to the edge of the box and with yellow shirts around him, just calmly passing it straight to a defender.

55 mins: Akanji and Karaman clash heads when challenging for the ball. The Dortmund defender comes off worse but after a few seconds of feeling sorry for himself on the turf, he is up and raring to go again.

53 mins: Fortuna’s longest spell of possession ends with Karaman firing a low cross for Akanji to clear. At least they are finally showing some intent.

51 mins: Karaman hustles and bustles his way into the box and, despite being crowded out, gets a tame shot away which Burki gladly takes possession of.

49 mins: Fortuna have a collection of clever set-pieces, the only issue is that none of them have beaten the first man, which seems to be the very least they should do.

47 mins: Almost a short backpass to Burki but he reacts quickly to get there before Berisha can. An inauspicious start to the half for Dortmund.

Second half

Here we go again!

Someone is scoring in the Bundesliga

Football on BT Sport

Davy Klassen is in fine form today! 🔥

The former Everton man has two, and Bremen have three goals at the break!

Their escape is still on 👊 pic.twitter.com/1nkbwWgTmq

June 13, 2020

Jim asks: “Little discussion started up over here, trying to work out whether the crowd noise is being pumped into the stadium or just slathered onto the broadcast so we can’t hear the effing and jeffing from the players in the empty stadium? I only ask because whoever is “mixing” the sounds is reacting so fast it’s almost seamless and i’m very impressed, even if there seems to only be “outrage” and “sighing” on his sample list.

“Any ideas?”

I think the broadcaster puts it on.

Duesseldorf’s goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier kicks the ball in front of empty stands.

Duesseldorf’s goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier kicks the ball in front of empty stands. Photograph: Bernd Thissen/AP


Football is returning around Europe. In France, however …

Half-time: Fortuna 0-0 Dortmund

Not a classic so far. The game has been played at a mediocre pace with Dortmund dominating, but Fortuna have held firm.

44 mins: The hosts will be very happy if they can get into the break on level terms. They have utilised a lot of energy in keeping Dortmund out but they do have the chance to use five subs, which helps them.

42 mins: Dortmund are trying to come up with creative ways of breaking down the Fortuna defence but generally it just results in them giving the ball back to the hosts.

40 mins: Fortuna have had the ball a bit more in recent minutes but once it gets into midfield they usually lose it. Not a great footballing side.

38 mins: Sancho tries to find Hakimi on the overlap but the wing-back fails to get there and instead just pushes his opponent out of play.

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