Eletiofe ‘I love creativity’- musician cum content creator Darvey Rucci...

‘I love creativity’- musician cum content creator Darvey Rucci speaks on his works


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Darvey Rucci speaks on his love for creativity.

The famous maxim might be ‘jack of all trades, master of non’, but Darvey Rucci is tearing up the rule book on that.

His model fits the internet culture, which does not encourgae regiments but instead rewards freedom and creativity.

It is what drives Darvey Rucci. One day he’s expressing himself through music, another day through skits and other content on social media.

I love creativity and I cherish when people are happy and pleased with my work,” he said.

I’m strongly into Music, video content creating (films) and I’m also an entrepreneur. I’m much of the lifestyle guy.”

Real name Ugochukwu Emmanuel Chinonso, Darvey Rucci, from Imo State is currently schooling at the Federal University of Technology Owerri as a Mechanical Engineering Student.

He found music in church and often spent time creating gospel songs as a teenager. His friends in secondary school encouraged him to be serious in music when he did in 2016.

On my end doing music, I see it as a way of expressing myself and making people happy.

He recently released a record titled ‘Down for you’ and describes his music as ‘ Afro fusion, pop, R&B and lifestyle music’.

Darvey Rucci plans to release his EP soon which will be titled ‘Love Me Before They All Do’.

“I plan collaborating with top notch artists in Nigeria to make this a great one. I see myself artist one who will be releasing short Eps for now but will later go back to singles.”

Currently not signed to a label, his love for collaboration saw him form a group of entertainers called Team More Success (TMS).

He has a list of some of Nigeria’s best artists like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Phyno and Tems in his wish list for collaborations.

“I love Burna Boy’s kind of sound, I see him as a legend and a star who is to go more far in his career. Wizkid is a legend in Nigeria music in our generation.

“I love his no stress danceable tunes. I love Davido’s music and his influence in the music industry. Phyno is from my ethnic group, he’s one of the best when it comes those representing our Igbo culture when it comes to music, I love his sound so much.

“Tems is new but seems to have been in the music stuff for long, her sound is unique though she almost sounds like Koffee. Her music is awesome and I plan featuring her in my EP coming.”

While also pursuing a music career, Darvey Rucci is also busy creating fun content on social media.

I’m into content creation/skit making because I find it creative.

“Entertainment to me is simply a way of holding the attention and interest of certain group of people (audience) who love what I do to get them pleased.

“I’m not just into skit making, I make what I will call short films. I can’t really tell how it has influenced people haha, I love travelling and Vlog during my vacations.”

There is also an acting career budding.

“My major aim is working towards being a significant public figure who portrays an influential and lavish lifestyle.

“Though I don’t plan taking the music thing too serious, I do want to be significant in the music industry. I want to also go far in my acting career.”

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