LifestyleMercy and Ike: 5 conversations every couple must have

Mercy and Ike: 5 conversations every couple must have


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These are some of the conversations you should have before you get married to your partner:

1. Money conversations: This is one of the biggest conversations any couple MUST have. Money helps to solve a lot of issues couples will face over the years. It is important to align values about money. Also, to talk about financial goals and plans before you decide to spend forever with someone.

2. Sexual conversations: The level of intimacy and sexual chemistry in a relationship can make or break it. It is important to have discussions about fantasies, limits, and other things that pertain to sex. You should make sure you and your partner can have honest conversations about sex.

3. Conversations about your values: This is key because both of you should have similar beliefs. For example, if one partner is all about women’s rights and the other isn’t, they are bound to butt heads on a lot of topics. Take the time to discuss the things that are really important to you.

4. Conversations about spirituality: The issue of religion and the importance of God varies for different people. You should be sure that your partner respects your religion even if it is different from theirs.

5. Conversations about your dreams: This involves discussions about what you see happening in your future. Neither of you can determine the future but you can make sure that your goals, plans, and dreams align.

At the end of the day, there is no foolproof plan for how a relationship should be built. But you can try to check certain boxes. These conversations will give you a glimpse into the future of your relationship. They will also bring you closer. So, take the big leap and have these tough conversations. And you’ll hopefully get to live happily ever after!

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