Offa Robbery: Ex-SARS officer, Adikwu, who killed 22, leads Police to arrest more suspects


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Michael Adikwu, a former police officer who killed 22 people during the Offa robbery attack that took place in April, has led police officers to arrest more suspects in three states as investigation into the incident continues.

Nine police officers and 24 others lost their lives when a group of at least 30 armed robbers attacked Union Bank, Eco Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank, Zenith Bank and Ibolo Micro Finance Bank, as well as the Owode Police Station in Offa on April 5, 2018.

Adikwu is one of the 22 suspects who have been arrested in connection to the incident and has been identified as the man that provided the gang with firearms for the operation.

According to a report by The Punch, Adikwu led operatives of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Teams (IRT) to arrest members of his gang in Kwara, Oyo and Kogi states.

A source who spoke to Punch said two AK-47 rifles were recovered from the suspects and that they are also helping the police track down more suspects before they will be paraded to the media.

"The fresh suspects belonged to the Michael Adikwu's gang, the dismissed policeman and an ex-convict. He actually led our men to the hideout of the men where they were arrested," the source said.

Police arrest wanted Offa robbery suspect who is a former SARS officerplay Michael Adikwu was caught on a CCTV footage at the scene of the Offa robbery attack (Nigeria Police Force)


Adikwu was attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Kwara state command before he was dismissed in 2012 for aiding the escape of some robbery suspects. He was arraigned in court and spent about three years in prison before he made his way out in unclear circumstances.

Why Adikwu killed police officers, others

Adikwu has allegedly confessed to killing 22 people during the bloody robbery incident because he was bitter over how he was dismissed from the police force. According to confessions from other suspects, Adikwu led the attack on the police station to kill police officers.

Fellow suspect, Ibikunle Ogunleye, aka Arrow, had previously told police officers that Adikwu led a team of four to the station and single-handedly killed all the nine officers that were victims of the attack.

Ogunleye is quoted to have said, "I was among the three people that entered the police station with Adikwu, but I didn't shoot or kill anyone. It was Adikwu that shot and killed all the policemen. He went from one office to the other, killing everyone. We only gave him cover."

Read confessions of Offa robbery gang leadersplay

Ibikunle Ogunleye, aka, Arrow, has confessed his involvement in the Offa robbery operation



When he was paraded by the police on June 3, 2018, Ogunleye said Adikwu was loudly proclaiming his resentment for the force while the Offa robbery operation was going on.

He said, "The dismissed police officer, Michael (Adikwu), was shouting that day that the Nigerian police dismissed him, that they collect job from his hand, that he'll do them shege. That was the language he used."

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Adikwu supplied guns for Offa robbery

37-year-old Ayoade Akinnibosun, who has been identified to be the man that coordinated the operation, also confessed that Adikwu provided the gang some of the firearms used for the robbery.

3 bank robbers were on condolence visit to Offa 2 days after killing 33 people thereplay

Ayoade Akinnibosun



He said, "That fateful day, it was me, this man sitting beside me here (Ogunleye), Adex, Stand Well Well, and Niyi; it was the five of us. I came to join them at Ajase then we took off with a Mercedes Benz to Offa.

"On getting there I now positioned everybody; me I stood at that junction, that Total filling station there. On getting to that filling station, we now met that Michael, that dismissed police officer. On getting to meet Michael, Michael came down from one Audi, there was a Nissan parked in front of us, he now came out of that Audi and threw his hands we now saw him and parked at the back of that Nissan. He now came out and brought guns out of that Nissan, five AK-47s, and gave it to us. Then I shared it between the five of us inside our Benz."

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Ogunleye also disclosed that it was Adikwu who trained the group in the use of firearms at Ajase-Ipo, Kwara, a day to the robbery.