EletiofePSG v Lyon: Women's Champions League semi-final- live!

PSG v Lyon: Women’s Champions League semi-final- live!


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Nikita Parris might be missing the final – what on earth was she thinking of? – but she races onto the pitch to celebrate with her team-mates nonetheless. Lyon cavort in a low-key manner, the collective out on their feet after being forced into plenty of late defence. They’re deserved victors, though, having enjoyed 57% possession and carving out the two best chances of the match: Gunnardsottir’s header and Renard’s winner. PSG at times seemed to be more interested in breaking up play than creating – they gave away 27 fouls this evening – which was strange considering how dangerous they looked when they did attack. Diani was superb again. But Lyon had more players on their game tonight – Majri, Cascarino, Karchaoui and Renard were all magnificent – and they go into Sunday’s final against Wolfsburg.


Lyon are through to their fifth final in a row, their captain Wendie Renard the difference in a tight and occasionally testy match!

90 min +5: Dudek sends a pea-roller into the arms of Bouhaddi. That will probably be it.

90 min +4: Dabritz takes and finds … Endler, her goalkeeper, who has come up to make her presence felt. But the keeper can’t control, and Lyon clear.

90 min +3: Diani goes on a rococo ramble down the right and wins a corner off Bacha. The last chance for PSG to force extra time?

90 min +1: The first of five added minutes sees Diani romp up the right, getting the better of Bacha. But she can’t find Katoto in the middle. Lyon half clear, then Diani bowls Bacha to the ground, and the pressure is off.

90 min: Gunnarsdottir handles as she attempts to break up the wing. A free kick for PSG out on the left. Dabritz takes, sending a dismal delivery straight down Bouhaddi’s throat.

88 min: Lyon are clearly extremely nervous. Katoto and Morroni swarm their defence; nobody wants to put their foot through a clearance in case they catch an opponent and give away a penalty. Eventually Van de Sanden arrives to blooter away from danger.

87 min: Renard tries to Beckenbauer her way out of trouble and ships possession. She’s fortunate that Diani carelessly hoicks the loose ball out for a goal kick. Van de Sanden then replaces Marozsan.

85 min: Lyon are sitting back, hoping to hold on to what they’ve got. Too conservative? Kumagai nervously gives away a corner with a clumpish backpass that Bouhaddi has no chance of keeping in. Be thankful that wasn’t on target. Lyon mop up the corner easily enough, but they won’t be looking forward to the next five minutes at all.

83 min: Diani crosses dangerously from the right. Bronze heads clear under pressure from Bruun and Katoto. Dabritz tries to get a shot away from the edge of the box but is quickly closed down. The tension mounts.

81 min: PSG sub a sub, Baltimore making way for Bruun, their quarter-final hero. Baltimore makes no fuss and hides her disappointment, knowing her coach’s plans will have gone up in smoke after the red card.

79 min: Le Sommer is brought down as she makes good along the right flank. Majri floats the free kick diagonally towards Renard, who heads across the face of goal. Le Sommer nearly latches onto the loose ball … but not quite. PSG are struggling to deal with these free kicks. They should probably stop giving them away, but they’ve been racking up the fouls all evening, and some habits are hard to break.

77 min: Cascarino is replaced by Le Sommer, as Lyon process the repercussions of Parris’s loss of composure.

RED CARD! Parris (Lyon)

75 min: If Geyoro’s second yellow was daft, this is truly idiotic. Parris, already on a yellow, pointlessly clatters into the PSG keeper Endler, competing for a ball she was never going to reach. She immediately holds her head in her hands, knowing full well that a second booking is coming. What a way to miss a big final, should Lyon get there.

Lyon’s Nikita Parris receives her marching orders.

Lyon’s Nikita Parris receives her marching orders. Photograph: Villar López/Pool/EPA


73 min: Karchaoui can’t continue, and she’s replaced by Bacha. Meanwhile the PSG coach Echouafni is booked for complaining a little too loudly about a garden-variety Lyon foul.

71 min: Karchaoui is back up. Lyon launch a long ball down the right. Parris chases, and is crudely shoved in the back by Paredes, who is fuming with frustration right now. A pointless free kick to give away, and she’s very lucky that this time Majri’s delivery, again meant for Renard at the far post, isn’t half as good.

69 min: PSG try to strike back immediately, Diani competing with Karchaoui for Baltimore’s left-wing cross. The defender wins, then goes down with cramp.

GOAL! PSG 0-1 Lyon (Renard 67)

Majri curls the free kick in from the right. Renard rises highest at the far post, and heads confidently down and into the bottom-left corner. What a nightmare minute for PSG!

Lyon’s Wendie Renard (left) heads in the opening goal.

Lyon’s Wendie Renard (left) heads in the opening goal. Photograph: Álvaro Barrientos/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Lyon’s players celebrate Wendie Renard’s goal.

Lyon’s players celebrate Renard’s goal. Photograph: Álvaro Barrientos/Pool/AFP/Getty Images


66 min: Before the free kick, PSG send on the defensively minded Formiga for Bachmann.

RED CARD! Geyoro (PSG)

66 min: Bronze dribbles with great grace down the inside-right channel. Geyoro hangs out a cynical leg to bring her down. It’s a daft challenge – she’s already on a yellow, and she’s off.

63 min: Diani and Bachmann combine well down the right, but a ball forward to spring Katoto clear catches the striker offside.

62 min: Majri’s up and good to go, no serious damage done by the looks of it.

61 min: Diani curls deep from the right. Bronze, under little pressure but given no shout, slams out for a corner. From the corner, Bachmann drops a shoulder down the left and crosses for Diani, who barges into Majri and concedes a free kick. Pressure off Lyon, though Majri looks to have landed awkwardly on her shoulder. Physio on.

59 min: Katoto spins Buchanan out on the left and zips up the wing. Buchanan does well to get back, forcing Katoto to lay off for Baltimore, who loops harmlessly into Bouhaddi’s arms from the left.

58 min: Lyon stroke it around the middle of the park without really going anywhere.

56 min: PSG push Lyon back. A free kick, then a corner. Then Baltimore drifts down the left and nearly breaks into space, but she doubts herself and checks back, and the window of opportunity closes.

54 min: Nadim, so close to a second yellow in the first half, is replaced by Baltimore.

53 min: The free kick’s floated into the box. Dudek has a crafty pull on Buchanan’s shirt as the ball sails out for a goal kick. Buchanan complains, and she’s got a point. Lyon are on a rolling boil now.

Lyon’s Kadeisha Buchanan reacts.

Lyon’s Kadeisha Buchanan reacts. Photograph: Álvaro Barrientos/Pool/EPA


52 min: Parris goes down, trapped in a pincer movement by Paredes and Dabritz. She complains too loud and long, and goes in the book, which is somewhat harsh seeing she was on the end of a foul that’s been given. Lyon are irritated all right.

50 min: Karchaoui threatens to burst down the left but she’s pulled back by Lawrence. She makes her feelings known to the referee. Lyon are getting irritated at PSG’s no-nonsense approach.

49 min: Katoto dribbles across the front of the PSG box, left to right, before pulling back for Dabritz, who tries a curler towards the top right. It’s all wrong. Goal kick.

48 min: Majri and Geyoro tangle in the centre circle. Just for a second, the situation threatens to escalate, but the ball squirts away and the pair disengage. A slight edge to this game.

46 min: Lyon are on the front foot immediately, Majri skittering down the left and slipping the ball infield for Parris, who drops a shoulder before striding into the box and sending a shot towards the bottom left. Endler has it covered.

Lyon get the second half underway. No half-time changes. A reminder that this gets decided one way or another tonight, so extra time and penalties are very much a possibility.


Nothing happens in it. The teams troop off. Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir should have given Lyon the lead; Nadia Nadim is testing the referee’s patience. Otherwise, it’s too close to call.

45 min: There will be a full minute of added time.

43 min: PSG are coming back into it, after a period of Lyon domination. Diani dribbles hard down the left and hopes to find Bachmann in the middle, but takes too long over the cross, is closed down, and runs the ball out for a goal kick.

42 min: This is tight and tense. Already. Extra time and penalties, anyone?

40 min: Some good work by Morroni down the left wins a corner that PSG waste. Karchaoui goes up the other end, and for the second time she’s stopped in her tracks by Nadim’s cynical check. That really should be a second yellow, but the referee stops at a stern lecture. Any more transgressions and she’s surely for the off.

38 min: Cascarino robs Dudek down the right and draws a foul. An old-school playground hair-tug vaguely reminiscent of Peter Crouch’s antics at the 2006 World Cup. And from the resulting free kick, sent in by Maroszsan, Gunnarsdottir really should score, heading wide left from six yards. She did well to get in ahead of Paredes, but having done the hard work she’s missed a sitter.

36 min: Cascarino sashays down the right again, but is ushered out by a determined Morroni. Cascarino looks Lyon’s most likely lock-picker; she’s causing a lot of problems down this flank.

Delphine Cascarino of Lyon causes problems for Grace Geyoro (right) of PSG.

Delphine Cascarino of Lyon causes problems for Grace Geyoro (right) of PSG. Photograph: Villar López/Pool/EPA


34 min: Paris respond well, probing down both flanks, Diani and Katoto making their presence felt. A corner is punched clear by Bouhaddi. Lyon go up the other end, Cascarino crossing from the right, Majri eyebrowing a header wide left. This is great back-and-forth fun.

32 min: Lyon are getting closer and closer. Cascarino swipes a volley towards the bottom right. It’s always going wide, but Endler doesn’t know that, and tips around for a corner. From the set piece, Bronze guides a header towards the top right, but Endler is able to claim.

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