SHOCKING !!!: Marry Two Or More If You Want, There’s Nothing In The Bible Condemning Polygamy — Ghanaian Pastor


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Good news for hypocritical Christian men all across the country — you won’t have to cheat on your wives in secret and shame anymore.

A pastor, Daniel Eshun, has emphatically stated that there’s nothing in the Bible condemning polygamy and Christian men can marry more than one if they want.

“At what point did Polygamy become a sin? There is nothing that says that Christian man cannot have more than one wife. The Adam and Eve story is one that is used to support monogamy. There is a lot of figurative language used by Moses in Genesis. The first 5 books of the Bible was written for the Jewish People. We cannot sit in Accra, UK or elsewhere and interpret the first 5 books of the Bible. If we want the right interpretation, we have to talk to the Jewish people. The Jewish people believe in both monogamous and polygamous.” he said, speaking on Starr Fm.

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“A man who wishes to marry more wives cannot take his wife by surprise. He is to inform his existing wife first. In 2020, we will have about 3 million women between the ages of 15 and 25 who will not have husbands if we do nothing about it. We have side chicks in Africa because the church is not teaching the people the right thing.” he added.

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Indeed, God had no problem with polygamy throughout the Old Testament, and even endorsed taking of concubines alongside wives. Perhaps Christians want to tell us that infallible God changed his mind between the Old and New Testaments once again, as he’s seemingly done on many issues.

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