EletiofeSTREAM: Badolee to release much-anticipated EP, ' The Original...

STREAM: Badolee to release much-anticipated EP, ‘ The Original Bad Yoruba Demon (TOBYD)


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It’s no wonder he holds his current status as one of the top 2 Nigerian rap artistes in Ukraine, but he is not number two.

Fast-rising phenomenal Nigerian rap artist, Oluwatobi Famujimi, popularly known by his stage name BADOOLEE, is set to release his much-anticipated EP titled ‘TOBYD’ in February 2022, TOBYD stands for The Original Bad Yoruba Demon and is just right after the release of his first and exciting EP ‘LEVEL UP’.

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

While ‘LEVEL UP’ focused on his growth in terms of versatility where his craft and lyrical prowess is concerned, he is now coming into his element and being his true self, which is a mix of many exciting shades, all of which brings colour and spice to TOBYD ‘THE EP’. This EP promises to not only be fire but also a game-changer and it’s all featured 5 tracks all feed into the narrative Badoolee as a person who now fully accepts all shades of himself- the bad, the good and the great.

Coming into a state of self-actualisation as seen in his demeanour on the microphone has culminated into this body of work, which can be felt in the unexpected flows and rhythms that undulates all through this EP with remarkable excellence and unpredictability.

Badoolee’s versatility enables him to be able to switch from Afro-pop to Afro-dancehall, go gentle on the flows or hit hard with the bars and these are some of his unique attributes that sets him apart.

Badoolee is set to be the very much-needed reawakening to rap scene in the country and he is a dedicated artist who has put time into developing himself as a lyrical genius. His journey started from his freestyle days back in 2011, as an undergraduate in his university’s domicile and then subsequently he released ’SHADE’ in 2014 before going to release his hit single ‘BRODA BODE’.

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

It’s no wonder he holds his current status as one of the top 2 Nigerian rap artistes in Ukraine, but he is not number two.

With this new EP, Badoolee says the journey to making it was exhilarating and an educational curve for him. This process helped him tap into his full creative depth because he creates magic not just for the vibe but also to pass a message.

With ‘TOBYD’ he is set to break the barriers of rap music and emerge into the Nigerian music industry as a rapper/songwriter with original, lyrically sound and catchy vibe. The EP will feature songs such as ‘Belly Waist Deep’ which Is currently on all digital streaming platforms and already making waves with 19,500 streams on Audiomack and over 22,000 plays across all digital streaming platforms.

Other songs on the EP include ‘ DONT LIE’, ‘PON ME’, ‘MORE’ ft Ter’E and ‘HOLY MF’ which features Star P who himself is a fresh and exciting sound. TOBYD ‘THE EP’ is one for the books and is a must listen.

Oftentimes, we’d get questions such as how did you come about the name BADOOLEE?

The answer is quite simple.

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

If Olamide and D’banj would have a kid, BADOOLEE would be the product of such union. He’s sleek with the rap just like his mentor OLAMIDE and he possesses the swagger and poise of D’BANJ. Therefore, you’d get BADOO AND LEE (BADOOLEE).

While music might be entertainment or a means to money and fame for many, for Oluwatobi Famujimi, or BADOOLEE as he is most commonly known, music is life and his music showcases all aspects of his life which are relatable to most. BADOOLEE is a Nigerian artiste who specialises in rap genre, and he’s known for his one-take studio sessions, amazing collabs, fire singles, covers, and cyphers. He is versatile and not just as an artist but a medical doctor who for the love of music plunged full time into music after his graduation.

One of his popular releases titled ‘BRODA BODE’ shows how he showcases his raw talent, showmanship and skills on the microphone, all while incorporating his native dialect (YORUBA). Since then, he has gone on to release several sensational singles amongst which are ‘GUAP’, ‘FWML’, ‘STORY’, ‘JOGODO’, ‘SCREAM’ and ‘BELLY WAIST DEEP’ just to name a few.

TOBYD short for The Original Bad Yoruba Demon is more so a quick glimpse into the behind the scenes of a Yoruba demon’s everyday life in relationships. From con-sexual relations, to mutual beneficial relationships, to short-lets, or one-night stands.

The average Yoruba Demon is a mastermind at assurances, re-assurances, deceit and eventual exit or end of the relationship.

TOBYD starts with meeting your love interest on DON’T LIE, eventually you both get BELLY WASIT DEEP and you get her to be freaky and comfortable around you that whenever you schedule to meet she’s all up PON ME, as time passes, you both can’t stand the sight of each other and you start calling each other names HOLY MF. Well, now y’all both have had enough and you both go your separate ways and now she’s healing from the pain and trauma then you reach out requesting for MORE. PAY ATTENTION LADIES!!!!

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

The 5 tracks on TOBYD ‘EP’ all represent an element of Badoolee’s life, desires, and proclivities. These songs serves as a lens through which he can be seen and understood.

Is a song about love and commitment which tries to ask deep questions that many can relate to in terms of relationships. The song explores commitments in relationships and finding that special someone that would stay by you through thick and thin. This song is for the romantics and the deep thinkers who want to understand what they have to offer in love and relationship and what they want in return. WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

Is a fiery 2- minute plus banger, in which BADOOLEE makes you of a charged beat to pass across his insights into his life, where music and fake love is concerned. Its a double entendre that talks about music as a metaphorical girl. BADOOLEE uses this tune to emphasize that his relationship with music has deepened, to the point where he is ‘Belly Waist Deep’.

Is an Afro-dancehall that shows BADOOLEE’s raunchy/sultry side. In this very spicy 3-minute song, he talks unabashedly about the women that desire him and how he aims to satisfy these ladies and have them reminiscing about his sexual prowess. The song is a suggestive panty-dropper that is bound to get the ladies whining to it.

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

Badolee - TOBYD. (TBD)

Is a vibe that incorporates Afro-pop to tell a story about good vibe and positivity, it features Star P who brings a fresh and exhilarating sound to the hook. The song has a lot of braggadocios and suggestive innuendos that talks about keeping relation (s) ‘ships on a LOW ‘

This is a song about promises and fears of broken promises in relationships and intimacy. This song embodies the ups and downs of relationships where one may receive a lot and still end up hurting the person they have received so much from. The message in the lyrics, coupled with the soft and relaxing vibe of the delivery makes for a beautiful song that many will relate to.

In it’s essence, this EP is rife with symbolism and themes; there is love and sex, commitment and promises, positivity and pleasure. These all goes to show how creative and versatile the mind of BADOOLEE is and all tracks promise to be wildly acclaimed hits.

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