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Ten songs that was slept on by Nigeran listeners in the first half of 2022


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Nigerian audience has been treated to some amazing singles in 2022 and the plethora of top songs meant that some singles fell beneath the radar and didn’t get the attention they deserve.

Rema, Seyi Vibez, Tekno, Barry Jhay, ObongJayar

Some of these songs were hidden within albums which impacted its visibility and caused it to likely miss the attention of listeners who had different singles thrown at them weekly.

It’s only fair that we point out these singles and turn the attention of Afrobeats’ busy audience to these songs in the hope that they get their flowers. So without further ado, here are the top ten songs slept on in the first half of the year.

10. ‘Chop Life’ by Ceeza Milli

Ceeza Milli is a sensational artist with an elastic talent and in ‘Chop Life.’ he showcased his ability to create an enjoyable Afrobeats tune that resonates with Nigerian listeners. ‘Chop Life’ is a melodic masterpiece that inspires happiness and a need to find happiness amidst daily struggles.

9. ‘Number One’ by Fiokee featuring Guchi & Kelvyn Boy

This remarkable collaboration between Nigeria’s foremost guitarist Fiokee, rising star Guchi, and Ghanaian pop sensation went under the radar mainly because it was lodged away in Fiokee’s album ‘Man’.

‘Number One’ is a perfect mesh of Guchi’s soothing vocals, Kelvyn Boy’s commanding pop vocals, and Fiokee’s incredible strings to create a sensational love song.

8. ‘Work it out’ by Yung L featuring Aubrey Gwana

Yung L’s incredible talent was on full display on ‘Work it out’ which is an incredible Amapaino tune that retained vital elements that makes Amapiano a remarkable genre. ‘Work it out’ is a sonically appealing song achieved through great delivery and simple melody, and it’s deserving of a spot on your Amapiano playlist.

7. ‘Expensive OG’ by Portable

Rising star and 2022 Headies Rookie of the Year nominee Portable is always in the news not because of his music but because of his antics. This account for part of the reasons why Portable’s ‘Expensive OG’ which is an expansive display of his raw talent went under the radar.

Listeners who can look beyond his problematic behavior will find this single to be an enjoyable song and a display of some commendable artistry by Portable.

6. ‘Billion Dollar’ by Seyi Vibez

Fast-rising street-hop act Seyi Vibez is known for making music that resonates with a large collection of Nigeria’s youth population. ‘Billion Dollar’ is an enjoyable song that captures the common desire for success. This song ranks high for its simplicity and enjoyability which makes it deserving of more attention than it got.

Tekno’s ‘Mufasa’ is one of those sonically and lyrically basic yet artistically complex songs only a short list of artists can make. ‘Mufasa’ is a danceable tune that’s propelled by Tekno’s signature melodic sequence and Yungwillis‘ catchy beat. It’s inexplicable why this song didn’t get more attention perhaps it was covered by ‘Buga’ which is another Tekno masterpiece.

Rema is a special talent and ‘Runaway’ is one of those songs that showcase his ability to make a delicious song that just has you wanting more. ‘Runaway’ sonically reminds listeners of Rema’s ‘Ginger’ which is one of his best singles.

Hidden amidst other good singles in ‘Raves & Roses’ listeners might have missed the gem that’s ‘Runaway’ but sooner or later, its glory is bound to resurface.

ObongJayar is an incredible talent with an almost unreal talent of an artist whose very being defines his art. ‘Sugar’ is an incredible song that retains significant elements of Nigeria’s folk song from the percussions, and drum pattern, to the content, and the melodic arrangement. The writing is exquisite and the delivery is faultless which makes it easily enjoyable and very Nigerian.

Barry Jhay’s peculiar vocals and ability to mold melody make him a different kind of street-pop act and his single ‘Agege’ is an embodiment of Barry Jhay’s talent. ‘Agege’ is propelled by a wonderful chorus and great verses conveyed through an intoxicating melody.

Magixx’s ‘Chocolate’ is an Amapiano masterpiece from the fast-rising pop star and for some inexplicable reason, this single didn’t get any attention. The hook is instantly catchy and the verse is easily digestible.

‘Chocolate’ is the most slept-on song for the first half of 2022 and a listener who has tasted the sonic goodness of this single will struggle to understand why and how it went unnoticed.

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