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Why Are Nigerian Musicians Making A Lot Of Money From Their Entertainment Industry More Than Musicians In Other African Countries?


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Do you want to know the reasons why Nigerian musicians are making a lot of money from their entertainment industry more than other music industries or music artists in other African countries? If you want to know, then this information is for you. Make sure you read to the end. 

You will be able to know the major reasons why the Nigerian music industry and Nigerian music artists are successful and wealthier than other African music industries and artists. 

Large Audience 

Nigeria is one of the largest countries in the world and African continent, so there is a very large audience to listen to and accept Nigerian music compared to other African countries with a small population which result in little audience. 

Most Nigerian artists make their money from streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, YouTube, and other popular music streaming platforms. 

The more views and streams the more money. There are over 200 million Nigerians that are waiting to listen to their favorite music artists’ singles, EPs, and albums on these streaming platforms. 

A lot of African country music artists are not successful because few people listen to their singles dp&l bill on the available streaming platforms. 

Likewise, when it comes to live shows, Nigerian music artists have thousands of fans in Nigeria and other countries of the world to attend their live shows.

Most Nigerian music artists have fans in almost all continents of the world and they always turn up when it comes to live shows.

Foreign Collaboration 

A lot of Nigerian artists became so successful internationally after foreign collaboration. Most Nigerian music artists take foreign collaboration more seriously than other African music artists. 

Foreign collaboration always increases the Nigerian music artists fan base because they will be able to reach an international audience in several countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and other popular countries of the world. 

Private Sector Investment 

The Nigerian music industry is funded and managed by private sector investment. Businessmen, investors, and other music lovers have invested their money, knowledge, and talent into the Nigerian music industry. This opened several opportunities for Nigerian music artists to become successful both in Nigeria and globally. 

The number of investors and amount invested in the Nigerian music industry is way higher than the rest of African countries which is why most Nigerian artists are financially ahead of other African countries. 

The music industry, especially the Nigerian music industry, is very expensive to run and manage perfectly. That is why investors are needed to fund and manage music artists properly so that they will be able to afford the materials and other content that are needed to create and promote good music for Nigerians and everyone in other countries of the world. 

Success Of The Nigerian Music Legends 

There are numerous Nigerian music bands from King Sunny Ade, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and others. These successful music legends have invested in the Nigerian music industry because they have successfully turned most Nigerians into music lovers and they make the Nigerian music industry popular globally.

This makes it so easy and simple for upcoming and other successful music artists to leverage the available audience.

Nigeria had several globally successful music artists from Nigeria in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s than other African countries. Their global success gives several opportunities for the current Nigerian music artist to perform successfully internationally. 

Most Nigerians are Music lovers 

It is very easy to become successful and rich when you have music lovers in your community and country. This is one of the major benefits that Nigerian music artists enjoy. 

Most Nigerians are music lovers and they always demand music entertainment regardless of their age, financial status, and lifestyle. 

Every Nigerian wants to listen to all musicians both local and foreign musicians because they are music lovers and want to listen to new music that is why

Nigerian musicians religious music constantly. 

Latest Naija Music is released every day especially on Friday in Nigeria by thousands of musicians both popular and upcoming artists. 

More Local And International Endorsement Deals Than Other African Countries 

Nigerian music is accepted in all countries of the world so it is very easy and simple for international companies to sign endorsement deals with Nigerian artists. 

A lot of Nigerian artists like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and others signed international record label deals and international endorsement deals that give them a whole lot of money. 

Foreign investors are ready to invest in the Nigerian music industry because there are large audiences that are ready to accept their music in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

Expensive Nigerian Musician Lifestyle 

Most Nigerian musicians are living an expensive lifestyle compared to other music artists in Africa. 

When you check out the available entertainment News blog in Nigeria you will be able to see how Nigerian music artists spend money, what they buy, and other things to do with money. 

Automatically agree that they are richer than other African music artists. 

Investment In Music Promotion 

Most Nigerian music artists and record labels invest in their music projects more than other African countries both locally and internationally. 

Amapiano music originated from South Africa but the Nigerian musicians are jumping on it and doing better than other South African music artists because they invest so much in music promotion to increase the audience demand for the kind of music. 

South African, Ghanaian, and all African countries musicians do not invest in their music project as the Nigerian musician does. 

As you know music is an expensive business, so the more you invest the more you earn in the music industry both locally and globally. 

In Conclusion 

Now you know why Nigerian musicians make a lot more money from their entertainment industry than other African countries. 

Although not all Nigerian musicians are wealthy, there are thousands of upcoming artists in the trenches that are hustling in the music industry to become financially successful as others.

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