EletiofeWomen's Champions League final: Wolfsburg v Lyon – live!

Women’s Champions League final: Wolfsburg v Lyon – live!


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1 min Peep peep! Lyon, in blue, kick off from right to left. Wolfsburg are in bright green.

Both teams break from their pre-match huddle and get into position. This is it, the 2020 Champions League final.

The players emerge from the tunnel on a cool evening in San Sebastian. It’s dry at the moment, though it might not stay that way.

“It’s not often we get the chance to watch a top-class final between two equally likeable teams, both of whom play attractive football and aren’t stained or corrupted by owner murkiness or celeb shenanigans,” says Charles Antaki. “Hard for the neutral to choose a preferred candidate. Only one team has the majestic Wendie Renard, though, so that settles it for me.”

England’s Lucy Bronze is playing her last game for Lyon; she’ll leave the club when her contract expires at the end of the month. The great Pernille Harder is also making her final appearance for Wolfsburg. She is reportedly moving to Chelsea this week.

Team news

Wolfsburg make two changes, both in defence: Anna Blasse and Lena Goessling replace Kathrin-Julia Hendrich and Joelle Wedemeyer.

Lyon make one change from the semi-final win over PSG, with Eugenie Le Sommer in for the suspended Nikita Parris up front. Amandine Henry is only fit enough for the bench.

Wolfsburg (4-4-2) Abt; Blasse, Goessling, Doorsoun-Khajeh, Janssen; Huth, Engen, Popp, Rolfo; Harder, Pajor.

Substitutes: Kassen, Kiedrzynek, Jakabfi, Hendrich, Oberdorf, Bremer, Rauch, Wolter, Dickenmann, Wedemeyer, Grawe.

Lyon (4-2-3-1) Bouhaddi; Bronze, Buchanan, Renard, Karchaoui; Gunnarsdottir, Kumagai; Cascarino, Marozsan, Majri; Le Sommer.

Substitutes: Gallardo, Talaslahti, Bacha, Henry, van de Sanden, Carpenter, Greenwood, Cayman, Taylor, Malard.

Referee Esther Staubli (Switzerland)



Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League final between Wolfsburg and Lyon in San Sebastian. This is a rare treat – a match that involves the best two teams in Europe, with all the grandeur that brings, yet still offers potential for an upset. Lyon are strongish favourites to win their fifth consecutive Champions League, mainly because they are trying to win their fifth consecutive Champions League. They are as near to omnipotent as dammit.

Another final against Wolfsburg has been on the cards since last November, when the draw for the quarter- and semi-finals kept them apart. And while Wolfsburg rode their luck in beating Barcelona in the semi-finals, their overall record this season is spectacular: 33 games, 31 wins, no defeats, 141 goals.

The problem is that Lyon have seen it all before. They’ve put Wolfsburg out en route to winning the trophy in each of the last four seasons, twice in the final and twice in the quarters, and you don’t need a psychology GCSE to know what that does to the mind. And though Lyon aren’t quite as devastating as they were a couple of years ago, their aura is more powerful as ever. They’ve been building it for 2118 days; that’s how long it is since they lost a Champions League tie.

It’s a Herculean task for Wolfsburg, though there is an upside. Winning the Champions League is euphoric at the best of times; imagine how good Wolfsburg will feel if they do it by finally overcoming their nemesis.

Kick off 7pm.


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