Eletiofe13 Best Couches You Can Buy Online (2024): Sectionals,...

13 Best Couches You Can Buy Online (2024): Sectionals, Sofas, Sleepers, and More


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Big and Sturdy

Albany Park Barton Sofa

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Great Stain Resistance

Allform 3-Seat Sofa

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Standout Designs

The Inside Modern Sofa

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For Sleepers

Ikea Härlanda Sleeper Sofa with Chaise

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Maybe you have a hand-me-down couch or a thrifted floral confection that isn’t cutting it. Or maybe your seat cushions are sunken in and worse for wear. If you need a new sofa, you’ve come to the right place. A few of us here on the WIRED Gear team have spent several months testing a batch of some of the most popular couches you can order online—no need to leave the house. These are our favorites.

Much like with bed-in-a-box mattresses, ordering a couch online is simpler than it sounds. You simply choose what you want, place an order, and voilà: Several boxes will arrive on your front porch. Assemble the parts and you’re good to go. But it’s important to do your research. Many couch makers offer sample swatches of fabrics, which you should take advantage of to ensure that the color and feel are exactly what you want. Make sure to measure the area where your couch will be, as well as doorframes and stairwells for delivery.

Updated June 2024: We’ve added a new sofa and updated pricing throughout.

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  • Photograph: Julian Chokkattu

    Big and Sturdy

    Albany Park Barton Sofa

    I’ve had the Albany Park Barton in my living room for nearly four months, and the only complaint I have is that a vegan leather couch (or any leather, really) can be too cold to jump onto during the freezing winter months when you just want to cozy up. The secret? Have lots of throws so you can add a barrier between your skin and the cool material. The Barton is the second couch from Albany Park I’ve tested and it’s a noticeable upgrade in build quality. The frame feels more durable, and the plush foam seats are soft, supportive, and don’t need readjusting all that much (unlike the original Kova I tested).

    This couch is deep enough enough for two people to comfortably cuddle together (plus a dog). I’m 6’4″ and the Barton is long enough that I don’t need to curl up to fit. I’d recommend adding some throw pillows to the ends so that you can more comfortably rest your head on the arms. Speaking of, my wife and I love the wide arms, which are stable enough to hold a coffee cup while we’re catching up on 30 Rock (just be careful). We regularly eat in front of the TV, and I cannot for the life of me find a stain or mark on the couch. If you do end up spilling something on it, the covers are removable. (I can’t speak for the other materials since I only tested the vegan leather, but there are several other fabrics you can choose from.) You can also choose the stain of the solid wood legs—oak, walnut, or black. Though they’re kind of hard to see, so it doesn’t feel like it matters much.

    Fair warning, it does arrive in three separate boxes and you will have a much easier time if you have someone to help set it up. But the instructions are clear and easy to follow and, barring the amount of time it took me to get rid of all the recycled cardboard, it was pretty quick to build. Albany Park has a 30-day trial so you can give a test before committing to the couch.—Julian Chokkattu

  • Photograph: Allform

    Great Stain Resistance

    Allform 3-Seat Sofa

    Allform (the child company of Helix) furniture isn’t cheap, but you can customize it to be up to eight cushions long or get it in custom shapes like an L or U. It’s made sustainably, at least partially. The wood used is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and excess wood is recycled. Glues and finishes are nontoxic and water-based, the steel components are at least 95 percent recycled, and the seat cushion padding is 100 percent recycled. The packaging is both recycled and recyclable.

    The couch is comfortable, with deep-set cushions that have stayed fluffy under heavy use, and the three-seater is long enough for my tallest pals to snooze on. The seats are deep enough that I can comfortably sit pretzel-style, and the detached back cushions allow for relaxed lounging. They also make good elbow rests when visiting with a friend. There are leather options available, but I tried a couch made with Allform’s “performance fabric,” which is designed to be stain-resistant and generally tough—two qualities I can verify. One of my hellion cats decided to ralph up a hairball onto a couch cushion while I slept. It sat there until I woke up. Miraculously, all it took was some cleaning solution and paper towels to completely eradicate the evidence. Persuading my furry criminals to stop scratching the sofa arms is another battle entirely.

    Assembly was easy and made easier with this helpful video. One thing to note: The boxes this couch comes in are huge. Allform backs the sofa with a 100-day trial and a lifetime warranty on the frame. You can order free fabric swatches here. —Louryn Strampe

  • Photograph: The Inside

    Standout Designs

    The Inside Modern Sofa

    Who says couches have to look boring? You’ll have to spend a little time making sure the colors and patterns don’t clash with your room, but I love the sheer number of choices The Inside offers for its handmade, made-to-order Modern Sofa. I went with the Ink Frida and it looks excellent in my space, though there are more than 88(!) other patterns you can peruse.

    The legs are metal, so you don’t have to worry about one breaking off if you plop down too forcefully, and the frame of the sofa is solid wood with laminated panels and tempered steel springs. The Inside offers white glove delivery, so it arrived fully assembled and all I had to do was make space for the delivery folks to squeeze it through my narrow stairwell and into the living room. Most important, it’s wonderfully cozy. The seats are plush and my wife and I have fallen asleep on this thing a few too many times. The covers are removable, though the company recommends spot cleaning.

    I love the length. At 89 inches, I can comfortably stretch my 6’4″ body all the way, though we wouldn’t have minded if it had more depth. You will need to add throw pillows for the ends, as the arms are rigid; they help complete the look too. —Julian Chokkattu

  • Photograph: IKEA

    For Sleepers

    Ikea Härlanda Sleeper Sofa with Chaise

    When I moved into my studio apartment, I quickly realized that, due to lack of space, I’d have to pick between a couch or a bed. But I didn’t want my adult space to look and feel like a college dorm. When my mom suggested a sofa bed, I was wary. I’ve only ever associated those with stiff mattresses. But Ikea’s Härlanda Sleeper Sofa convinced me otherwise.

    Since it’s a sectional, you can customize it to include whichever pieces you’d like, depending on the size and shape you’re looking for. You can tack on a chaise, corner seat, extra loveseat section, and more. I chose the three-seater chaise, which comes with storage space underneath for my pillows and blankets. If you’re worried about putting it together, Ikea has a partnership with TaskRabbit, so you can request TaskRabbit assembly at checkout. When you buy it, you’ll receive a link to book a Tasker through the app. (I had my brother and boyfriend put it together instead.) It wasn’t the easiest process (as they like to remind me), and took a few hours, but they managed to piece it together successfully.

    I’m picky about my couches. They need to feel cozy enough for naps or all-day TV bingeing. The Härlanda doesn’t disappoint. It’s roomy enough that everyone has a spot during movie night and it’s shockingly comfy to sleep on. It comes with a thick mattress (4.75 inches, to be exact) made of high-resilience foam with bed slats underneath for extra support. It doesn’t feel any different than sleeping on a traditional bed with a memory foam mattress. It’s easy to pull out of the couch and store away. I also love that the couch covers are both removable and machine washable, which makes drinking coffee and eating snacks on them a lot less nerve-wracking. My only gripe? Even though the covers are made of cotton, I wish the material felt slightly softer. —Brenda Stolyar

  • Photograph: Benchmade Modern 

    Well-Made Luxury

    Benchmade Modern Tyler Sofa

    Benchmade Modern features a wide range of couches for 1950s or 1960s-styled homes. It’s the best-looking and most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on.

    It isn’t just the couch that’s great, though. Benchmade Modern has put a level of polish on the online couch-buying process that doesn’t exist elsewhere (at least in our testing). The company’s website lets you browse colors and resize couches with a slider to see the cushion layout. When you have some idea of what you want, you can also order a full book of fabric swatches, along with a full-size printout of your sofa so you can make sure it fits in your living space. The coach arrived well-packaged in a full-size box. (If you’re upstairs, be sure it will fit up your stairwell.) —Scott Gilbertson

  • Photograph: Benchmade Modern

    More Affordable Luxury

    Benchmade Modern Laguna Sofa

    Benchmade Modern’s range of couches is even bigger than before with the new Laguna Collection. It comes in three different styles: a sofa, a sofa with chaise, and a sectional. It’s a little cheaper than other offerings, like the Tyler couch we’re already fans of, but still lets you browse and choose from a huge range of colors and fabrics to use on the couch. But my favorite part was that you can choose a single bench cushion model for all three sofa styles. It made the sofa much more comfortable to fit three people on, since you don’t have to worry about the middle crack to fall into. My family and I have been sitting on it for months now, and the single cushion (as well as the rest of the couch’s cushions) is comfortable and supportive. –Nena Farrell

  • Photograph: Burrow

    Quick and Easy

    Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional

    The Burrow sofa sectional is plush, comfy, and fairly compact, but its best feature is how quickly it assembles. The Nomad ships in a few large boxes, depending on the options you choose (with or without an ottoman, extra cushions, etc.). Once you open the boxes, the build goes pretty quickly. Everything snaps together like a Lego set.

    The Nomad has held up well over the past year, considering I’m in a three-pet household. The cushions are still just as plush as they were on day one, and despite the need to occasionally push the cushions back in (they tend to slide if you sit and slouch for a long time, as I do), it’s one of the best couches I’ve owned. Additionally, it’s pretty compact without sacrificing seating space. The sofa sectional can easily seat three people, or four if you seat someone on the chaise. It’s a great choice for small apartments, and it really opened up my living room. —Jaina Grey

  • Photograph: Article

    A Great Leather Couch

    Article Sven Charme

    This Article couch is a close second in comfort to the Benchmade Modern I wrote about above. It’s soft without being too soft. The single bottom cushion makes for excellent Sunday afternoon naps—there’s no crack to fall in. The Sven comes in a variety of colors and fabrics, but I tested the leather version. Article uses high-quality aniline leather, which has proved durable and stain-resistant in my testing.

    One thing to keep in mind if you go leather: Over the long run, some maintenance will help your couch last longer. It’s worth periodically applying some leather oil to condition the surface (Otter Wax ($10) is a popular choice). Also, keep in mind that aniline leather has a tendency to darken slightly over time. I have not noticed this in my testing, but other reviews on the web confirm that it has happened to the Sven. This one arrives in full size. All you need to do is screw in the legs, but if you need to get it through a small entryway, be sure to check measurements ahead of time. —Scott Gilbertson

  • Photograph: Lovesac

    Totally Customizable

    Lovesac Sactional

    A Lovesac couch—aka Sactional—is expensive, but customizable. Only have space for a two-seater now? Turn that into a three-seater when you have your first kid, or even a 10-seater when you move into a house with a basement. Add storage seats and power hubs and switch out the machine-washable covers when you redecorate. You can configure and reconfigure it in a number of ways, including by making the seats deeper.

    It’s comfy and sturdy, and the corded velvet cover I chose looks sophisticated but cozy. The best part? It doesn’t resemble a couch cover, which often looks baggy. It comes in many, many boxes, depending on what you get. That makes it easier to bring up small stairwells, but you’ll need a lot of patience and someone else to help you put it together. (And maybe a gift for your delivery person.) I recommend watching the company’s instructional videos. The hard pieces—like the frame, sides, and clamps that hold pieces together–come with a lifetime warranty, but covers and cushions have a three-year warranty.

    Upgrade: For another $3,700, you can add Lovesac’s StealthTech pieces (8/10, WIRED Recommends), which hide Harman Kardon speakers in the arms (plus a wireless charging pad) and a subwoofer under the seat. The bundle also comes with a center channel that plugs into your TV. You can get it when you order a new couch or connect it to a Sactional you already have at home. —Medea Giordano

  • Photograph: Nugget

    Best Play Couch for Kids

    Nugget Play Couch

    Play couch?! Yeah, I know. I thought the same thing when my wife told me this guide should include a Nugget. After all, aren’t all couches play couches? Yes, they are. That’s why having a separate, designated kids’ play couch is so nice; it keeps the grown-up couch looking like a couch and gives your children a couch they can turn into a human catapult. Everyone wins. I highly recommend picking a dark color for your Nugget. While the fabric is washable, who wants to wash it all the time? —Scott Gilbertson

  • Photograph: Elephant in A Box

    Simple but Stiff

    Elephant in a Box Dynamic Sofa

    Setting up the Dynamic Sofa is a piece of cake. It shipped in a single box—still heavy, but significantly less bulky than other couches I’ve tried. The armrests are pulled apart, stretching a built-in honeycomb between them. Snap the included bars into place, attach the lining pieces to their corresponding Velcro strips, plop down the cushions, and assembly is complete. I also tested the optional desk armrest, which has a fold-out desk nesting inside. It, too, is easy to use, and it turns this couch into a guest bedroom powerhouse. (It also works as a built-in end table for smaller spaces.) There are more mod options to choose from when ordering.

    Overall, the couch is super sturdy and durable, but it is … not that comfortable. It reminds me of dorm room furniture: cheap, functional, and unexceptional. The bottom cushions are too stiff, and the top cushions are too squishy. It’s fine for a guest room, office, Airbnb, or second sofa. My guests have even slept on it just fine, though a few of them padded the cushions with extra blankets. I think it’s worth investing a bit more for a comfier sofa, but if you’re prioritizing assembly, budget, and longevity, this may be a good option. —Louryn Strampe

  • Photograph: Cozey

    The Biggest of the Bunch

    Cozey Ciello XL Couch

    The Cozey Ciello XL is really easy to set up, especially with the company’s video instructions. Depending on the configuration you choose for this modular sofa, you might need a lot of room for assembly. Make sure you have a clear space to work in before putting it together (and a box cutter handy for cleanup afterward).

    Each module arrives in its own box, with the cushions, covers, and hardware tucked inside the hollow seat, back, or armrest. Pull everything out, put it all together, and snap the modules together to bring your sofa to life.

    I didn’t love the sofa’s boxy frame nor the way the crinkly, cloudlike cushions liked to slip and slide over the rigid structures beneath. But if you’re looking for room to stretch out, this couch has it. Its size makes it an obvious choice for families who need more room for movie nights. And the performance fabric, combined with the removable covers, makes for very easy cleaning. You can order free swatches of the performance fabric and the chenille options, and there’s a 30-day trial period as well as a five-year warranty. —Louryn Strampe

  • Photograph: Albany Park

    Honorable Mention

    Not every couch deserves a spot on our list above, but here is one we also like:

    Albany Park Kova for $1,389: The Kova is easy to assemble because you just have to connect hooks, which means disassembly is easy too. The system allows for modular add-ons like corners or consoles. There are two fabric swatches and several velvet color options to choose from. The back and seat cushions are super comfy, and deep—for reference, I’m 6′ 4″, and there’s enough cushion and room to nap with my wife and dog on this couch side by side. After a year, it held up well. The problem is that the cushions and seats don’t stay put, so it’s a constant exercise of adjusting them. There’s also a slight gap between the assembled seats, which you’ll need to push together every so often. The seats flatten out too quickly for my liking, so you need to fluff them up too. It’s a lot. The wood frame inside the mattress isn’t that durable—I rested my knee on the frame once and the wood caved in a little. Welp. Be gentle. Despite all this, the Kova is a comfortable, great-looking sofa for a nice price, if you don’t mind micromanaging it. —Julian Chokkattu

  • Photograph: Floyd

    A Couch to Avoid

    Stay Away From These

    Joybird Eliot Sofa for $1,691: I wanted to love this Joybird couch. In fact, I do. It looks amazing. Every time I walk by it, I think, “Now that is a good-looking couch.” Then I sit on it. The base cushions sink down farther than they should, and the stuffing feels uneven, firmer in some spots than others. The couch is also slightly too deep to be comfortable. I’m 5’10”, and I would guess this one does not become comfortable until you’re at least 6’2″. It feels like a $500 couch. Its long-term durability is questionable as well. The internet is littered with reviews suggesting this couch won’t stand up to the test of time. I can’t comment on that directly, but it certainly picks up dirt. The cushions were noticeably browner than the rest of the couch within the first week of having it in the house. —Scott Gilbertson

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