Eletiofe20 Best Sex Toys (2024): Gender Inclusive, Couples, Solo

20 Best Sex Toys (2024): Gender Inclusive, Couples, Solo


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Collection of different types of sex toys on a blue and pink background

Which Toys Are for My Body?

Beyond P & V

Best Vibrator for Any Body

Dame Dip

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Best Suction Toy for Most People

Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 Air Pulse Toy

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Best Luxury Suction Toy

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

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Sex tech has come a long way in the past 10 years—not only in terms of cultural acceptance and awareness but also technology. Gone are the days of clunky, pink plastic rabbit vibrators and sex toys that feel like knockoff action figures. Today’s toys are designed by sex educators, medical professionals, and some of the world’s greatest sexperts. They feature ultra-premium, medical-grade silicone, robust Bluetooth connectivity, programmable vibration patterns, and multiple motors all designed to help you have a good time.

There’s never a bad time to invest in a little extra self-care. These are the best sex toys, vibrators, smart vibrators, personal wand massagers, and accessories, all of which we’ve personally tested. There’s something here for everyone, every gender, and every body. The language on these products isn’t always gender-inclusive, but we approached testing with a gender-inclusive mindset, testing these with a variety of different genitals, bodies, and partners.

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Updated February 2024: We’ve added a section on sex toy materials, updated language describing materials, updated impressions, and updated pricing throughout.

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  • Collection of different types of sex toys on a blue and pink background

    Photograph: MyroslavaPavlyk/Getty Images

    Which Toys Are for My Body?

    Beyond P & V

    The sex tech industry has conditioned us to think of toys in terms of male and female, penis and vagina, but that’s reductive and inaccurate, and it contributes to a larger narrative about the relationship between genitals and gender. It’s unhelpful, and I have a lot of feelings about it. We opt to be as specific as possible and use anatomical terms to describe individual erogenous zones—and there are way more than just P and V.

    The vulva is the exterior part of the vagina. It includes the labia majora, labia minora, the urethra, and the clitoris. The clitoris is the center of erogenous nerves in the vulva, and it’s much larger than just the exterior portion. Its internal structures extend down to either side of the vagina, which is where you’ll find the G-spot—the area stimulated by toys that curve toward the front of your body.

    The phallus is what’s commonly referred to as the shaft of the penis, and it includes a couple of erogenous zones. The glans is the top of the phallus, usually referred to as the “head,” and the frenulum is a thin strip of connective tissue on the underside of the glans that can be particularly sensitive to targeted stimulation. Last but not least, the anus is, well … it’s the butthole. The rectum is the interior portion that attaches to the anus. Both of these areas can be sensitive to internal and external stimulation.

    For people born with phalluses, there’s an additional erogenous zone here: the prostate or P-spot. This is a walnut-sized gland that lives between the internal structures of the penis and the rectum, and it can be reached by toys that curve toward the front of your body.

  • Photograph: Dame

    Best Vibrator for Any Body

    Dame Dip

    You know the saying “You eat with your eyes first?” I think that’s especially applicable to sex toys. The look and vibe of a sex toy has to be important to me; if it’s not something pleasing to look at, I’m not going to want to spend time with it. Dame’s Dip vibrator is, like other toys from the company, nice to look at. It has lovely color options like a cool, soothing periwinkle and a ruddy, robust plum. It feels sensual in the hand, all curves and dips, with a little peak in the center that evokes features of a vulva or frenulum. It also looks a bit like a tongue from the side, which is also cheeky.

    The Dip is a simple toy. It’s a waterproof vibrator clad in silicone, and it’s quiet. It’s a joy to use, to feel in your hand and against or inside your body. There’s a level of polish and design here you just don’t see in toys that are priced as affordably as the Dip.

    Made from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone. Great for all genitals and erogenous zones.

  • Photograph: Satisfyer

    Best Suction Toy for Most People

    Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 Air Pulse Toy

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 lives up to its name. It’s versatile, powerful, and surprisingly gentle. The whole body of the Gen 3 is covered in soft silicone, so it’s easier to grip than previous versions. The buttons are all conveniently located along the back of the toy, right about where your fingertips naturally fall.

    It’s a refined version of a tried and true design, and it feels like it. There’s a level of care and craftsmanship in the build of this toy that I appreciate. The mouth is removable, so you can wash it or swap it with the new “liquid air” mouth—it simulates a tapping sensation more than a sucking or air pulse sensation, which is a fun change of pace. The Gen 3 also features built-in vibration functionality. The third button on the toy cycles through vibration patterns that can heighten things when you’re in the thick of it.

    Mouth is made from silicone, body is made from plastic. Great for all genitals.

  • Photograph: Lelo

    Best Luxury Suction Toy

    Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

    Suction toys are life-changing if you’ve never used one before, and after testing dozens of them, I can say with certainty that the Sona 2 Cruise is the absolute best high-end suction toy on the market. It’s one I kept reaching for even outside of testing hours. The body fits in my hand perfectly, the buttons are in places that make sense, and it has a variety of intensities well-suited to just about any preference.

    The cruise part of the name refers to Lelo’s Cruise Control technology–which makes the toy ramp up intensity when you press it hard against your body. It’s a smart sex toy, and it’s my number one recommendation for anyone looking to try something new.

    Body is made from food-grade silicone. Good for all bodies, targeted suction stimulation for the clitoris, frenulum, or nipples. 

  • Photograph: Vibratex

    Best Wand Vibrator

    Magic Wand Mini

    The original Magic Wand was always a bit bulky. Plus, it plugs into the wall, and I’ve never had a sexual encounter that was improved by the presence of an extension cord. The Mini solves both of those problems. It’s small, fits easily in one hand, and is not too heavy. It’s rechargeable, so no need to fumble with cables while you’re using it. Plus, it offers a generous 2.5-hour battery life on a single charge.

    The broad head of the wand delivers rumbly vibrations that start pretty gentle and ramp up to you-can-feel-it-in-your-teeth strength. Two cool things are going on here though. First, the rumbly vibrator head is insulated from the rest of the wand, so it never makes your hand tired or numb from being vibrated. Second, the shape of the head means you can use the flat end or edges to stimulate broad areas of any erogenous zone, but you can use the edge for surprisingly precise targeted stimulation. Suffice it to say, the Magic Wand Mini is one of my new absolute faves.

    Head is made from food-grade silicone tested to FDA standards. Great for all genitals.

  • Photograph: Dame

    Another Great Wand

    Dame Com Wand Vibrator

    Dame’s take on the classic magic wand (8/10, WIRED Recommends) introduces a new angle on an old favorite—literally. Most wands are straight, and nothing on the human body is straight, so using them to reach your most sensitive areas can be pretty awkward. The Com offers an elegant solution. The wand handle is angled ergonomically so the toy does all the reaching for you. The battery life could use some work though; you’ll get about an hour out of a single charge.

    Made from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone. Great for diffuse stimulation to the vulva, phallus, or sore muscles.

  • Photograph: Motorbunny

    Best Sex Machine for Most People

    Motorbunny Buck

    There are generally two kinds of at-home sex machines. Ones that have a toy on the end of a robotic thrusting arm and ones that you sit on like a saddle while it vibrates the seat and the attached toy. The Motorbunny Buck pulls double duty (8/10 WIRED Recommends). It’s a Sybian-style machine that can also thrust.

    The Buck has a vibrating seat with a toy attachment oriented vertically and provides a back-and-forth motion. You can control both kinds of stimulation from the included controller, and honestly, it provides sensations you really can’t get from any other kind of toy. It’s truly a unique experience. The dual functionality makes it a great pick for anyone curious about at-home sex machines, because no matter what, these things are expensive. With this one, you at least get twice the bang for your buck.

    Attachments are made from unspecified silicone. Great for all genitals, internal and external stimulation.

  • Photograph: Fun Factory

    Best Grinding Vibrator

    Fun Factory Laya III

    Many sex toys are designed with penetration in mind, but the Laya III is all about external pressure. You can lie on your stomach with the vibe cupping erogenous zones, or you can go handheld. The sensation is unique since the toy vibrates and “taps” at the same time. The multi-sensory feeling can be intense if you want, but with seven different speeds and three different programs, gentle stimulation is also an option. I also appreciate the travel lock, so my carry-on bag doesn’t start rumbling of its own accord. —Louryn Strampe

    Made from unspecified silicone. Stimulating for all genitals.

  • Photograph: MysteryVibe

    A Thoughtfully Designed Phallus Ring

    MysteryVibe Tenuto Mini

    The Tenuto Mini (6/10 WIRED Recommends) is the follow-up to MysteryVibe’s original Tenuto, a somewhat large and clunky sex toy designed to stimulate the phallus and surrounding areas. Two of us on the team have tested the old version and found it a bit awkward. With the Tenuto Mini, MysteryVibe has addressed some of those issues and made the toy much better for it.

    The new version is a lot smaller (hence the “Mini”), and it functions as a phallus ring with extra bells and whistles. It wraps around the base of the phallus and has three vibrating motors—two on the sides and one on the top. The body is semi-rigid but flexible enough to comfortably fit around an erect phallus. WIRED reviewer Eric Ravenscraft says it’s best for solo use or penetrative sex, where it can rest (and vibrate) between you and a partner. You can control it from the app, so you don’t need to worry about trying to slip your hand between you and a partner to change the speed or intensity.

    Made from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone. Works best with phalluses.

  • Photograph: Kindred Black

    An Approachable Glass Dildo

    Kindred Black Violet Duchess Glass Dildo

    Kindred Black’s sexual wellness catalog is filled with luxurious items like the Violet Duchess here, but this is one of my personal favorites. Glass sex toys have a long history. They’re non-toxic and nonporous so they’re easy to clean, and they’re more durable than you might expect. The smooth body takes to a variety of lubes well, making for a smooth and sensual experience whether you’re alone or with a partner. It is, however, not flared, so it’s not safe for anal use. Another nice thing about glass sex toys is that they can make elegant decor when they’re not in use.

    Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass. Great for external use on all bodies, good for internal use with vulvas, not safe for anal.

  • Photograph: Crave

    Discreet and Stylish 

    Crave Vesper Vibrator

    Sex toys are often relegated to closets, drawers, and hidden places to keep them away from prying eyes. Keep it secret, keep it safe; Gandalf knew what he was talking about. This toy is something different, though. It’s a thing you wear, not hide—like the Evenstar. The Vesper, from Crave, is a slender, powerful vibrator that pulls double duty as a bold statement necklace.

    Even if you don’t wear it out and about, it’s a remarkably capable little vibe. It has just two vibration modes (steady and pulse), but it is shockingly powerful for such a tiny thing, plus whisper quiet. The pointed shape makes it a good choice for targeted stimulation, and it’s powerful enough that you’ll feel its vibrations deep in your body. Don’t put it in your body though. Vesper is strictly an external-use-only kind of toy. It’s bold and discreet, stylish and subtle. But above all, it’s a functional addition to anyone’s collection.

    Made from 316 stainless steel. Great for targeted stimulation on the clitoris, nipples, or frenulum.

  • Photograph: Dame

    Pocket-Sized and Approachable

    Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator

    Just look at this little thing! It’s cute and friendly. Pom is one of my favorites from Dame (8/10, WIRED Recommends) and is a pocket-sized, waterproof vibrator with five vibration patterns, five intensity settings, and a soft squishy body meant to contour to a wide variety of erogenous zones. The vibrations resonate throughout the toy, but they’re concentrated at the tip. So you get targeted and broader stimulation all in one toy. Experimenting with the intensities, vibration modes, and even just how you touch it to your (or someone else’s) body can be a lot of fun.

    Pom’s intuitive, ergonomic shape makes it easy to use in the heat of the moment. The button layout is simple. You can easily feel which button is which without looking (a huge plus), so you can rapidly switch between modes and intensities.

    Made from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone. Great for all genitals.

  • Photograph: Unbound

    Flexible Fun 

    Unbound Bender

    The Bender is unique because it’s so flexible. You can shape it to fit your body for ideal external stimulation. It’s waterproof, and while the vibrations aren’t as powerful as a wand-style vibrator, they’re buzzy enough to make an impact. It’s also super quiet, even at its highest setting.

    Best for vulvas and phalluses, made from unspecified silicone.

  • Photograph: Lelo

    Slow Build

    Lelo Sila

    Upon first use, the Sila irked me. The gentle vibrations and soft suction were teasing, and not in a good way—or so I thought. I soldiered on, living the tough life of a product reviewer, and eventually, I was blown away. The toy has eight quiet settings, and even the highest is markedly less intense than what you may be used to. That’s intentional. Sila offers a slow buildup with a big payoff. The wide mouth focuses more on surrounding erogenous zones than similar sex toys, leading to a deeper and longer-lasting orgasm. Use it with lube (or in the bath) for solo sex or during foreplay with a partner. The wait will be worthwhile. —Louryn Strampe

    Made from food-grade silicone tested to FDA standards. Great for vulvas.

  • Photograph: Satisfyer

    Best for Two

    Satisfyer Curvy 3+

    Satisfyer’s Curvy lineup has been a personal favorite for a while, but the latest iteration, the Curvy 3+, is one of the best toys I’ve tested. It’s a dual-use vibrator and air-pulse stimulator. The air-pulse end provides steady, slow, but powerful suction, while the other end is where you’ll feel the vibrations most acutely. They’re pretty low-intensity even at the highest settings, which can be a good thing. It’s best to use this toy with a partner, with a person enjoying each end.

    Made from unspecified silicone. Good for the clitoris, frenulum, and external play.

  • Photograph: Lelo

    Double the Fun 

    Lelo Enigma Vibrator & Air Pulse Toy

    Lelo’s Enigma is a weird toy. It looks like a ship from Star Trek or a curvy sculpture you’d see in a museum gift shop. Like the Rabbit vibrator before it, the Enigma is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. But instead of relying solely on vibration, the Enigma’s clitoral stimulation arm contains a powerful air pulse mechanism for providing suction that imitates the sensation of receiving oral sex. The bigger, rounder end of the toy is where the vibration motor lives. Its body is flexible enough that you can use just one end or the other at a time, but if you use them together, it’s an intense experience. Even going slow, the Enigma fires you off into space at warp speed—in a good way. That said, the vibration end is a bit thick at its widest point, so if you’re not comfortable with large-diameter toys, take it slow and easy. Use lots of lube.

    Made from food-grade silicone tested to FDA standards. Best for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

  • Photograph: Unbound

    For Backdoor Beginners

    Unbound Nudge

    Anal play can be intimidating. The Nudge (formerly called the Romp) is ridiculously affordable and just the right size for beginners—it’s not too big but not too small. The curved base keeps the toy firmly in place without being uncomfortable. The medical-grade silicone exterior is easy to clean too. Just be sure to pair it with water-based lube. (We have other recommendations below, but Unbound’s Jelly is another good option.)

    Made from medical-grade silicone. Excellent for anyone looking to experiment with anal stimulation.

  • Photograph: Lelo

    Motion-Sensing Fun

    Lelo Hugo Prostate Vibrator + Remote Control

    The Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate vibrator. If you don’t have a prostate, it still works great, packing two powerful motors with six vibration modes and 12 intensity levels. It’s waterproof, and it comes with an interesting feature: motion sensitivity. When Hugo is in motion-sensing mode, simply tilting or moving the remote control can lower or increase the intensity of the vibration. That makes it a lot of fun to use with partners but also really great for solo use.

    If you’re new to anal toys, its moderate size is not intimidating. While the packaging and product materials use gendered language, the toy itself is excellent for all genders.

    Made from food-grade silicone tested to FDA standards. Good for P-spot stimulation.

  • Photograph: Maude

    Best Lube

    Maude Shine Organic Water-Based Lube

    Maude makes a lot of great products, but the one that stands above the rest for me is its Shine Organic Lube. It’s a simple, unscented, water-based lube that stays slick and slippery without becoming sticky the way some water-based lubes can. It can also be easily rehydrated with a little saliva, so you can get a lot of mileage out of a really small amount. Read our Best Lubes guide for other picks.

  • Photograph: Coconu

    A Spa-Quality Lube

    Coconu Water-Based Lubricant

    Most water-based lubes these days are made using aloe vera gel. They provide effective viscous slipperiness but can leave your fingers feeling sticky afterward. If you’re looking for a cleaner finish or are allergic to aloe, Coconu’s coconut-water-based lube is a good alternative. It’s every bit as slippery-slidey as aloe-based lubes, but it leaves your skin a bit less tacky after use and a bit more moisturized. Plus, it comes in an adorable little bottle that makes it look like an expensive spa-grade hand lotion.

  • Photograph: Rosebud Woman

    Skin Care With a Secret

    Rosebud Woman Honor Lubricating Balm

    Rosebud Woman’s sexual wellness lineup is luxurious. It treats sexuality with reverence instead of scorn, feeling more like worship and less like a catcall. The language the company uses on its products is gendered (not all women have vulvas, and not all people with vulvas are women), but the Honor everyday balm might be my (Louryn) favorite lube of all time.

    The consistency is magical. It’s thick, balmy, and melts down to oil with your body heat, providing intimate lubrication while softening and moisturizing the skin. It makes sense: We rub lotions and creams all over the rest of our body to keep our skin healthy. Why wouldn’t we do the same for more intimate areas? You can use the balm for lubrication, as a moisturizer, and for postpartum massage. Honor Balm also doesn’t immediately melt, so you get a few seconds to target the application. Nobody likes dealing with slippery lube bottles in the heat of the moment. —Louryn Strampe

  • Photograph: Dame

    Honorable Mentions

    Other Good Sex Toys

    We test a lot of sex toys and accessories here at WIRED, and there just isn’t enough room in one list for all of our favorite picks. There’s barely enough room on this list for all the toys we’d consider phenomenal, let alone the ones we consider the absolute best. So here are some other products that are great in their own right and worth checking out.

    • Tenga Iroha+ Kushi Vibrator for $100: The Iroha+ Kushi is shaped like a little hedgehog and features multiple vibration intensities and patterns (plus a charging base and cover to protect it from dust).
    • Dame Arc Vibrator for $79: The Arc’s gentle curvature and broad, squishy tip make it easy to hit the G-spot, and it provides deep rumbly vibes so it’s fun to use even if you don’t have a G-spot.
    • Maude Drop Vibrator for $49: The Maude Drop is a great vibrator if you’re looking for something simple, discreet, and approachable.
    • Pulse Lube Dispenser for $149: This thing dispenses warmed lube right into your hand without having to touch a single button. Plus, if you have dexterity issues and encounter difficulty pumping a lube bottle, this dispenser will save your hands some strain.
  • Photograph: Getty Images 

    What’s Your Sex Toy Made of?

    Shopping Tips

    Throughout this guide, we reference the different materials these sex toys are made out of, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s notoriously difficult to pin down exactly what materials some sex toy manufacturers use and how safe those are for contact with your most sensitive body parts.

    There are a few sure bets, though. You want your sex toys to be, first and foremost, nonporous. A porous material will be almost impossible to fully clean and will degrade and house more and more bacteria over time. Secondly, you want it to be made out of materials that will not shed chemicals, plastics, or other materials during regular use. The materials that generally fit that bill are surgical steel (also called 316 or 316L steel), borosilicate glass, and silicone.

    Silicone is one of the trickier materials, because there are so many ways it can be made, so many different testing standards in different parts of the world. And frankly there just aren’t enough studies out there that test which kinds of silicone are safest. There are a couple that have a solid body of research behind them, along with some common testing standards: Platinum-cured silicone and food-grade silicone. Food-grade is a label regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and it means the silicone has been tested to make sure it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into food. Crave cofounder Michael Topolovac says, “Once you go below food grade, a lot of things come into play that are hard to verify.” Platinum-cured silicone is safer than standard (peroxide-cured) silicone, because the chemicals used to make the silicone are more completely consumed during the process, leaving nothing behind to leach into your body. Platinum-cured silicones are surprisingly odorless for this reason.

    Medical grade is a label you’ll see pretty often, but if it’s not backed up with the specific regulatory body or testing standard used to determine that it’s medical grade, it leaves me wondering why that hasn’t been disclosed. If the manufacturer specifies which kind of silicone it uses, we will list it in the product description. If it’s unclear, we’ll list it as unspecified silicone. That doesn’t mean it’s bad! It just means the specific kind used in that toy isn’t listed or hasn’t been provided to us.

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