Eletiofe5 animals that can predict earthquakes and how they...

5 animals that can predict earthquakes and how they do it


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The behaviour of these animals can be an early warning sign of an impending earthquake, even though their predictions are not 100% accurate.

Cats are some of those animals that can predict an earthquake [Pinterest]

Earthquakes are one of the most mysterious natural disasters, and although seismic monitoring and early warning systems have improved over the years, scientists cannot yet accurately predict when and where an earthquake will strike. However, they have made an interesting finding that some animals can sense earthquakes way before they happen.

Although scientists are still trying to figure out how these animals are able to sense earthquakes before humans, they have identified some factors contributing to this ability:

Magnetic field changes: Some animals appear to detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field that precede an earthquake. These changes are too subtle for humans to notice, but these animals have tiny magnetic particles in their bodies that allow them to pick up on some changes.

Ground vibrations: Before an earthquake, the ground may start to shake or send out low-frequency sound waves beyond the range of human hearing. Some animals can sense these vibrations or waves using specialised sensors or receptors.

Gas emissions: The Earth’s crust releases gases like radon or carbon dioxide prior to an earthquake. Some animals are able to detect these gases and run to safety.

Here are five examples of animals known for their earthquake-sensing abilities:

Cats are very sensitive to vibrations and can sense changes in air pressure. Before an earthquake, cats may become restless, start to meow loudly or hide in unusual places.

Birds are sensitive to shifts in air pressure as well. Some have been observed flying erratically or migrating before an earthquake.

Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell, and they can also detect subtle changes in the environment, such as the release of gases and the movement of tectonic plates. There have been numerous reports of dogs behaving in an unusual manner before earthquakes. They may bark excessively, become uncontrollable or run off in panic.

Fish are responsive to changes in the water pressure. Fish in rivers and lakes have been observed behaving strangely before earthquakes. They may jump out of the water or swim in unusual patterns.

any errors to correct here? Surprisingly, one of the tiniest land animals, ants, can detect earthquakes. Ants’ predictive abilities were identified in 2013 and researchers believe it is due to their ability to detect changes in carbon dioxide levels and Earth’s magnetic fields.

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