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Family Of Driver Beaten To Death With Sticks And Stones Seeks Justice


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The bereaved family of late driver, Fwimbe Thomas, who was beaten by suspected Okada riders with sticks and stones in Jos, Plateau state, are seeking justice.

TORI alleged mob attack that lead to the death of Fiwimbe which went viral on social media on Tuesday 26 September, 2023.

Speaking about the death, the immediate elder brother to the deceased, Wakbul Thomas Gofwan, narrated to BBC how his brother died untimely after he was attacked and killed by an angry mob with sticks and stones.

Wakbul described what happened to his younger brother as “Jungle misbehaviour and not Jungle justice,” noting that there was nothing about justice in the way his younger brother was killed.

He said: “They told us that he was beaten by mob who were shouting ‘barawo barawo’  and everybody around joined in beating him until he collasped and died. They beat him in the way thieves were beaten.”

‘I talked to my brother the day he died’

According to Wakbul, his office had informed him that they had seen his brother’s dead body.

He added that no family member or friend was around when the unfortunate incident happened, adding that it was people who saw what happpen that asked why the man was killed

“They accused him, saying he stole the motor he was driving, meanwhile he have been driving that bus for the past two years.

“The bus had his name from the receipt to all the registration numbers, so i was shocked in how people will accuse my brother saying he stole a car, he bought with his own money without giving him the opportunity to explain his own side of the story,

” he said.

He further disclosed how his late brother wanted to buy a land, he intend to start a project with alongside his wedding which have been slated for next year.

“I spoke to him around 11 O.clock the day he died.

“We were both actively involved in one land that we wanted to buy and he was the one surveying the land since he intend starting a project immediately after his wedding next year.

“This is a very hard time for my family but they are trying their best to endure the pain,

” Walkul said.

The late Thomas Fwimbe comes from a family of six including his parents, with four boys as siblings and he was the last born of the family.

“Fimbe was the jewel of the house and we have lose somthing as a family,” he concluded.

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