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Friends with benefits meaning


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FWB relationships can be fun, as long as both people are on the same page.

Ever heard of “friends with benefits” (FWB) and found yourself a bit puzzled? Does it mean they’re just friends, or is there more?

Let’s clear up the confusion.

Imagine having a friend you love to hang out with, but sometimes, you also share a kiss or more. Yet, you’re not calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s the gist of an FWB relationship. It’s different from just hooking up once (that’s more of a casual thing) and not like dating where feelings and romance are in the mix.

What does FWB really mean?

In simple terms, FWB means two people who are friends decide to add a bit of physical fun into their friendship without romantic feelings attached. Think of it as having a friend to chill, watch movies, and share laughs with, but sometimes there’s kissing or other intimate stuff involved. You both enjoy hanging out for reasons beyond just the physical stuff.

The important parts of a friends with benefits relationship

1. Friendship

The foundation of an FWB relationship is the friendship itself. You genuinely like spending time together, doing friend stuff, not just meeting up for the benefits part.

2. Benefits

Here, “benefits” means the physical intimacy you share. It’s a way to explore and have fun together in a respectful and consensual way, without the pressures that often come with a romantic relationship.

3. No strings attached

This phrase is key in FWB relationships. It means there’s no expectation of things like commitment, being exclusive (you’re not just seeing each other), or getting upset if the other person hangs out with other friends or even dates. It’s all about keeping things chill and respectful.

Why choose FWB?

People choose FWB for a few reasons:

  • They enjoy being close to someone in a physical way but aren’t ready for all the emotions and commitments that come with a serious relationship.
  • They like the idea of having a buddy to spend time with, without the pressure of labels.
  • It’s a safe way to explore intimacy with someone they trust and care about as a friend.

Talking it out: The communication part

Clear communication is super important in FWB relationships. Here’s why:

  • Boundaries: It’s crucial to talk about what you’re both comfortable with and what’s off-limits.
  • Expectations: Be honest about what you want from this arrangement. How often do you want to hang out? Is it cool if there are no romantic feelings involved?
  • Safe sex: Discussing birth control and protection is a must to keep both of you safe and healthy.

The flip side: Potential downsides

Even the chillest FWB setup can hit some snags. Sometimes, one person might start having deeper feelings, which can get complicated if the other doesn’t feel the same.

Jealousy can also pop up, especially if one friend starts dating someone else. It’s important to revisit that chat about feelings and expectations if things start to change.

Is FWB Right for You?

FWB isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! It’s about what feels right for you and fits with your values and needs. If you’re thinking about starting an FWB relationship, take some time to consider how you handle emotions, what you’re looking for in a relationship, and how you communicate.

Whether you’re all in for an FWB or decide it’s not your thing, knowing yourself and what you’re comfortable with is what really matters.

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