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How to know if a man is really in love or just using you


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Being honest with yourself and recognising these signs early can save you from heartache.

Figuring out if someone’s feelings for you are genuine can be tricky, but it’s important for your happiness and self-respect.

If you’re wondering whether a man is truly in love with you or just using you, here are some signs to look out for:

He’s interested in your life

When a man is really in love, he wants to know everything about you. He asks about your day, your dreams, and your fears. He remembers the little things you tell him and shows interest in your life, not just the moments that are convenient or beneficial to him.

He makes time for you

A man in love makes you a priority. No matter how busy he is, he’ll find time to spend with you. If he’s only around when he needs something or when it’s convenient for him, it might be a sign he’s using you.

He introduces you to friends and family

If he’s serious about you, he’ll be excited to introduce you to his friends and family. This shows he’s proud to be with you and sees a future together. If he keeps your relationship a secret or avoids talking about the future, it’s a red flag.

He supports you

A loving partner supports your ambitions and dreams. He encourages you, stands by you during tough times, and celebrates your successes. If he’s indifferent to your achievements or discourages you, he might not truly care about your happiness.

He shows respect

Respect is a cornerstone of true love. A man who loves you will respect your opinions, listen to you, and treat you as an equal. If he dismisses your feelings, pressures you into things you’re uncomfortable with, or disrespects you in any way, it’s a sign of a one-sided relationship.

He shares his life with you

A man in love is open about his own life, sharing his thoughts, feelings, and experiences with you. He lets you in because he trusts you and wants a genuine connection. If he’s closed off and only interested in superficial things, he might not be in it for love.

Actions match words

Finally, a man who truly loves you will back up his words with actions. If he says he cares but doesn’t show it, his feelings might not be genuine. Love is more than just words; it’s shown through consistent actions.

If you notice the positive signs mentioned above, there’s a good chance his feelings are genuine. However, if you see more negative signs than positive ones, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship. Always trust your instincts and remember that you deserve someone who loves and respects you fully.

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