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Katsina: I Have No Regret Defecting From APC To PDP – Ex-Party Chieftain, Mustapha Inuwa


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Mustapha Inuwa, the former Katsina State Secretary to the State Government (SGS) has stated that he has no regrets about dumping the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the People Democratic Party (PDP) after the gubernatorial primary election.

During a recent interaction with journalists at his residence in Katsina, Inuwa said that his defection to the PDP played a crucial role in the party’s success, leading to the victory of six House of Representatives seats and the presidential election.

Despite alleged victimization and vote manipulations in the state, Inuwa firmly believes that his move has ultimately benefited the PDP.

“Before with a seating governor Shehu Shema in 2010, they didn’t win a seat also when the APC came in the 2019 election, PDP didn’t win any seats, it was 100 per cent APC, but this time when we left the party and joined the PDP, the party was able to win six federal house of representative seats and the presidential election in the state.

“You know what happened in the senatorial election in Katsina, but it was very clear that despite Katsina State being the home state of Mr President Muhammadu Buhari, and with all the people sent from the federal and state government, the money pumped into the election, we were able to defeat them. It is on record that the PDP has the highest votes in Katsina.

“So why should I regret it? It was clearly shown that we added value to PDP, and it was able to improve, and if not because of what happened within the PDP, we could have done far better,”

Leadership quoted the former APC chieftain.

He proceeded to convey his satisfaction with the PDP’s performance in the previous election, emphasizing his greater trust in the PDP over the APC for the 2027 election.

Inuwa participated in the last APC gubernatorial primary election in Katsina which resulted in the election of Governor Umar Dikko Radda as the party’s candidate.

However, he subsequently switched to the PDP after the election’s outcome.

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