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Lagos Govt Seals, Threatens To Demolish Mikano’s Building In Ikoyi


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The Lagos State Government has threatened to demolish a building reportedly owned by Mikano Company.

The threat was issued after the government had sealed the eight-floor building over the alleged refusal by the firm to adhere to the stop work order earlier served on it.

The state government noted in a statement issued on Monday, November 6, that the action continued its efforts to restore order to the building sector, particularly along the waterfront corridor.

As part of this, the property on Queens’ Drive in Ikoyi, currently under construction, was sealed. Naija News understands that the action was taken during a joint inspection by the Commissioners for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Ekundayo Alebiosu, and Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Olumide Olayinka.

During the inspection, the commissioners expressed dissatisfaction with the firm’s disregard for the earlier directive to halt construction until the necessary documents were provided.

They also emphasized that the belief that the government is turning a blind eye to such violations due to the individuals involved is unfounded.

“The government cannot ignore and still ask us to go do what we are doing. It is a process. We have received several petitions and complaints, and that is why I am here with HC Physical Planning to test the veracity of those claims.

“Although serious enforcement will start soon, we issued these people a stop work order two weeks ago, but they disobeyed. We are here today, and we saw them still working, so we had to stop them again, and you can see that they have obeyed that order. We are expecting them to give us their documentation.

“These people also need to go to the Ministry of Environment for their drainage application. They need their EIA, TIA from Transport, their surveys and some other things to get approvals. They cannot just jump on site and start construction. These are some of the infractions our ministry and physical planning have discovered from those applying for approvals,

” Alebiosu reportedly said.

On his part, Olayinka said his office would come heavily on defaulters, adding that quit notices would be served and demolition would follow.

“As you can see, we’ve gone around today. The laws of Lagos Physical Planning state that all developments need to be approved before you commence construction; and not only that, you need our control in terms of certifying stages.

“Most of the structures you see along the waterway do not have approval; that is why we are marking them. Those of them that we have identified to have extended beyond the approval given, we shall compel them to comply.

“However, there’s going to be a joint exercise among the relevant ministries, physical planning and waterfront, especially. We’re going to come out very heavily on this corridor, and I mean it, very heavily. We’re going to compel them to abide by the law.

“So, I’m using this opportunity to warn those in this habit to stop. They should go and do the right thing. Again, we’re going to come out very heavily. Quit notices will be served, and demolition will follow,”

The PUNCH quoted the Commissioner saying.

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