EletiofeNo Nigerian President Will Be Able To Provide You...

No Nigerian President Will Be Able To Provide You With 24hrs Electricity – Reno Omokri


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A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Reno Omokri has said that it is not the job of government to provide 24-hour electricity for the citizens.

He added that no Nigerian president will be able to achieve that feat.

According to the former presidential aide, the job can only be achieved by the private sector.

Omokri urged the citizenry to support the removal of subsidies and the complete privatization of the power sector.

Speaking via Instagram, he wrote, “No matter who won the #NigerianElections2023, no President can give Nigeria 24 hours of uninterrupted power. Why? Because that is not a job for the government. Only the private sector can achieve that. As Nigerians, we must support fuel subsidy removal AND the complete privatization of the power sector. Even the Nigerian Railway Corporation should be sold. And ALL our airports.

“Government has no business being in business. Whether it is the business of oil and gas, power, aviation, ports or railways

“We must wean ourselves off this military command system where everything is controlled from Dodan Barracks or Aso Rock. If we don’t, we will never fully enter the Twenty-First Century.”


With due respect sir, you goofed on this. Government can provide 24 hours power supply. It doesn’t mean government is into business.


How is china 🇨🇳 able to do these things? Most of their public services are government owned. Especially power. I am against subsidies tho… but government must control its critical infrastructures


Funny but true cos privatization will bring about business competition so if one is being unfortunate and making things hard unnecessary the other will use the opportunity to make things easy to make sales that way there will be balance in prices and low extortions rate and increase in service delivery.


You’re right that government has no business in business, all they need is to provide enabling environment for business and this is why we need to give kudos to Buhari on the bill he passed to law for states to start Generating, Transmitting and Distributing their own electricity, it’s now time for each states to be creative and find investors to lite up their states…… Meanwhile i agree that we should privatize many things but it must be one step at a time. God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Baba i disagree with you on this, government has a business being in business, go check the profile of Deutsche Bahn, CEZ a.s check their subsidiaries, and their share price.. Oga say Nigerian handling government business are incompetent and they do so because there is no check and balancing or prison term for them when they embezzle money .. Die that matter of excessive privatization.


They should remove fuel subsidy and use the money to do what? Pocket it as usual right? You keep talking about removal of Subsidy like it’s for the betterment of the masses. Instead of removing this fuel subsidy and pocketing the money which we’ll know they would do, let them leave it there so that the masses who are suffering already would not suffer more than before. They won’t do anything meaningful with that money other than sharing it among themselves.


Developing a nation is a process, we can’t privatized everything even the oil sector that its subsidy is been removed, NNPC stations are still regulated and owned by the government, government is always there to father us by it’s rules and regulations, I concur to the removal of subsidy

All we need is a good standard of living for the common man of our nation.


I agree with your post as that will attract major investors into the market just like we did for telecommunication. It will be a competitive market and every company will strive to do better in service and price.


I agree with you on this matter. Privatization of all these sectors alone won’t fetch us the civilization and growth this country needs, there should be a body that will act on the “checking and balancing” of these sectors being privately owned or controlled.

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Oga come to Nigeria and be yabing….minimum wage salary with 15k transport fare abi,went to market, kai.it’s well


Reno I agree 💯. It will be more efficient, profitable and creat more employment opportunities for the people

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