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Smart tips on how to ensure your child eats healthy over Christmas


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Christmas because of the occasional trips, the gifts and cash that came with the unexpected visits from family and friends. Not leaving out the soft drinks that were usually in surplus and most importantly, the delicious rice and chicken that is usually made specially for Christmas.

Looking back in retrospect, I would say that a lot of unhealthy eating habits are practiced during the festive season and this is why I would like to share a few smart tips on how to ensure that children eat healthy during this Christmas Season.

The tips I am about to share are simple and should be considered to ensure the well-being and health of growing up children against the new year; which is usually the start of a new school term. Christmas can be a time for excesses, when all our healthy habits go out the window, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you agree with me, let’s explore some tips below:

1) Begin the day with a balanced whole food breakfast. Provide your child with foods that fuels the energy they expend at this time of the year and keep them feeling fuller for longer.

A great way to start their day is with nutrient packed meals before they reach for the Christmas treats. For example oats with fresh fruit, milk and nuts. Even a veggies-packed smoothie made with the right milk for their age can provide them with a good start.

2) Make eating vegetables and fruits more fun, by implementing a healthy eaters game designed to educate your child about the benefits of fruit and vegetables. Try matching games, memory games, and quizzes. Children will learn the link between healthy foods and the benefits it provides their body.

For example, carrots support good eyesight. Don’t just limit it to fruits and vegetables, try it with other food groups – dairy or milk for strong bones and teeth. This game also builds their memory skills and supports mental development.

3) Reach for Health Drinks: Soft drinks and juices often make their way into Christmas parties. While it might be considered a harmless Christmas treat, they may contain additives and excess sugars that have no health benefits to your growing child. Reach for healthy alternatives such as water, homemade smoothies made from fruits & milk or milk itself.

Drinking water will not only help keep your child hydrated, but it will also help support their liver and digestive function, reducing the risk of constipation. Also milk is a rich source of key nutrients, such as protein and calcium, essential nutrients that support healthy bone growth in growing children.

Furthermore, age appropriate milk like Peak 456 Growing Up milk for children 4-6 years of age, are fortified with essential nutrients like DHA and vitamins that support physical and mental development.

4) Keep Children Active: While children are mostly at home and cannot wait to spend more time watching movies, cartoons or playing video games, it’s really important to make a conscious effort to keep them active. Start your Christmas day with a walk around the house, dancing to some child-friendly music or an outdoor game. Keeping them on the active not only supports their physical fitness but aids mental alertness.

5) Consider nutritional support: Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall health of growing up children including their mental development. Christmas brings with it several food indulgences that if not taking in moderation, may affect your child’s nutrient intake.

Reaching out for multivitamins and age appropriate milk can help to ensure your growing up child gets the right nutrients at the right time for their age group. Consider switching from family milk to growing up milk that are fortified with DHA and other nutrients that are specific for their age needs.

Your children formative years need the right nutritional support for healthy, physical growth and mental development. Did you know 90% of brain growth occurs in the first 5 years of life? Age appropriate milk, like Peak 456 Growing Up Milk is made to support the nutrient needs of children 4- 6 years to help them grow up strong and smart.

Not only is it rich in calcium and proteins that are essential for strong bones and muscles, but it is fortified with Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – a major building block of the brain. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and retina (a part of the eye).

Try adding Peak 456 Growing Up Milk with DHA to your child’s breakfast, smoothies or give them as plain milk drink.

No need to look too far, Peak 456 Growing Up Milk supports your child’s nutritional needs this Christmas and beyond. It helps your child resume the new school term ready – physically strong and mentally alert!

Merry Christmas!!!

Written by Opeyemi Abe – Child and Public Health Nutrition Expert.

*This is a featured post.

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