EletiofeTesla Cybertruck Delivery Event Live: Price, Range, Specs

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event Live: Price, Range, Specs


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Tesla’s Cybertruck delivery event has come to an end. Missed all the news? Catch up with our live coverage below or head to our story wrapping up all the major news. If you want to watch, there’s a replay available on X.

The Cybertruck Is Here

Thanks for following WIRED’s live coverage of the Cybertruck delivery event. It was light on detail at times but there was no shortage of footage of the Tesla’s latest EV tearing across epic landscapes. And plenty of Elon Musk being Elon Musk.

You can catch up on all news from the event right here.

And look out for more Cybertruck coverage as we continue to explore the implications of the vehicle’s unique design.

Tesla Cybertruck driving on a dirt road in a hilly landscape

It’s Finally Here

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For the record, the pricing Tesla announced today is indeed not likely what many early reservation holders were hoping for. The $60,990 rear wheel drive version sure sounds a lot like the $39,000 base model Musk promised back in 2019.

Musk was keen to emphasize three big things about the Cybertruck: it’s tough, it’s not all for show, and it’s fast. He also made the obvious point that nothing out there right now looks like the Cybertruck.

As my colleague Aarian Marshall noted yesterday, it might be two years late but the Cybertruck is still, in a word, crazy.

A Tesla Cybertruck in a showroom

The Specs

The rear-wheel drive Cybertruck has an estimated range of 250 miles and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

The all-wheel drive Cybertruck has an estimated 340-mile range, can go from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds, has a top speed of 112 mph, 600 horsepower, and a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

The Cyberbeast has an estimated 320-mile range, goes from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, has 845 horsepower and an 11,000 pound towing capacity.

Those prices are before state and federal EV incentives. Tesla notes the two cheaper versions (RWD and AWD, not “Cyberbeast”) are eligible for “up to $7,500” in federal tax credits from the US Inflation Reduction Act. The Cyberbeast is too pricey to qualify.

The rear-wheel drive Cybertruck will be “available” in 2025, according to Tesla’s website. It’s 2024 for delivery of the all-wheel drive and the Cyberbeast.

Musk has wrapped the event. He said he’s looking forward to seeing more of these on the roads and to have the future “finally look like the future.” This entire event is an aesthetic one — fulfilling some sort of sci-fi fantasy around what the future should look like without a satisfying explanation for how the future might actually be better or who this is supposed to be for. It’s literally armor against the problems of now.

The Price

Musk forgot to tell everyone the price. Well, for a rear-wheel drive it’s $60,990. For an all-wheel drive it’s $79,990. For the Cyberbeast it’s $99,990. All those prices are estimated, mind you.

“This is really going to change the look of the roads. Finally the future will look like the future,” Musk says, seemingly in a hurry, before leaving the stage. And that’s it.

“Thanks for coming to the Cybertruck delivery event,” Musk says. Before someone on the sidelines reminds him there is actually one more Cybertruck to deliver.

“I hope you enjoy your car,” Elon Musk said as he introduced an early Cybertruck buyer to his new vehicle.

Tesla via WIRED Staff

Really glad I’m not on Raya because these cars are going to start popping up in photos there with alarming frequency

“It’s going to be amazing to see all these cars driving around,” Musk says. We’re still watching new Cybertruck owners hop into their freshly-delivered vehicles. “This is really going to change the look of the roads,” Musk adds.

Interesting that we have a bunch of women owners getting into the car first. Women are proportionally underrepresented among EV buyers, as Morgan Meaker and I reported last year.

Three Ford F-150 Lightning trucks parked in a line

Interesting that these new Cybertruck owners are being guided to the…passenger side. Are they not allowed to drive their own cars? I suppose the room for driver error is too great at a publicized event.

Was that Alexis Ohanian or am I that underslept?

While that’s a very cool comparison with the Porsche 911, I do wonder when we’ll use up comparisons between EVs and gas-powered cars. We get it, your everyday EV putterer-about-town can accelerate faster than a sports car! It’s inherent in the tech.

“These are the actual owners,” Musk says. “We’re handing over production Cybertucks to their actual owners.” Neat stunt. A bunch more Cybertrucks are driving onto the stage to be met by their delighted owners.

It’s Elon’s Oprah era, where he personally hands over a new Cybertruck to its owners.

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