EletiofeWhy I Cried And Blocked Davido – Korra Obidi

Why I Cried And Blocked Davido – Korra Obidi


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Popular US-based Nigerian singer and dancer, Korra Obidi has spoken about her unpleasant experience at the after-party of Davido and Chris Brown.

Recall that Davido got three nominations for Grammys for his album Timeless. However, he lost all of them, but he still made the most of the evening by attending the after-party in the US.

Korra Obidi, who was also present at the Grammys, opened out about her unpleasant experience at Davido’s after-party in a recent live chat with fans, saying she received the coldest shoulder ever.

The mother of two said in the Live video that one of Davido’s assistants helped her get a pass to the after-party. She added she also spoke politely with Davido during their brief encounter and enjoyed a close-up view of Chris Brown at the party.

She clarified that she wasn’t drunk, but acknowledged that she had felt a little nervous throughout the celebration and needed to take a moment to herself in the bathroom to calm down.

Korra described how, to her complete shock, a security guard—who had been giving her weird vibes at the party—barged into the bathroom and ordered that she leave right away.

She claimed that despite her objections, she was abruptly left outside in the bitter cold without her jacket or baggage.

Korra claimed she was practically thrown out by the security personnel, which she claimed occurred in full view of Chris Brown and Davido, who were present for the entire ordeal. She also claimed she was unable to control her tears.

She disclosed that the incident tormented her for several nights, causing her to go on a blocking campaign, disconnecting all connections connected to the incident, including Davido.

Korra revealed that she had not yet chosen to unblock Davido until he recently reached out to her.

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